Vendor Lock-in and Bundled Cluster Management Software


By Dan Kuczkowski | July 10, 2020 |



Recently I was part of a sales call with a prospect when he commented that a server manufacturer was proposing to include their own cluster manager product in the system they were selling. The prospect asked us, “Do you know why they want to include their own cluster software?  Vendor lock-in, that’s why!” he said.  I was a little startled by his directness.  But it is true, and it feels a bit like a dirty little secret that some providers keep from their customers.  Being locked into a particular vendor carries a great deal of emotion (especially in the high-tech sector) because organizations work very hard to ensure they have choice and flexibility in their business.  But what does this have to do with Bright Computing?  My answer is plenty!

Bright has reseller and technology partnerships with many different server manufacturers, and several of them also develop their own cluster management software.  Customers often choose to go with the manufacturer’s cluster software because they’ll bundle in their software at low or no cost. However, as the cluster expands, the result is that the customer is likely to pay more due to less competition since the competitor’s hardware will not operate on the original bundled cluster management software.  And we know that where there is little credible competition, naturally the cost goes up.  With Bright, our cluster management software runs on all their different hardware, allowing you a choice in your heterogeneous environment. 

In addition to hardware choice, today, many organizations want their cluster software to deliver more than basic functionality by incorporating edge computing, AI integration, containers, and extending into the cloud.  Unlike the sever manufacturers’ cluster software, we have this covered, providing a truly agile compute environment and the ability to future proof your investment.

The next time you are presented with a bundled cluster management solution, think about, or better yet, ask the vendor about vendor lock-in and their ability to be agile.  The choice you make is much more than the cost of their bundled software.