Three Bright Partners Form European Alliance to Extend Reach of HPC Expertise


By Terry Rush | February 17, 2021 | HPC, reseller



HPCNow! (based in Spain), Do IT Systems (based in Italy), and UCit (based in France), are all long-standing partners of Bright Computing. In November 2020, we were delighted to hear that these three organizations had united their efforts and formed a new alliance, called Do IT Now.

Even better news is that in February 2021, Do IT Now signed a partnership agreement with Bright Computing, to deliver Bright Cluster Manager to its network of customers through the Bright Reseller Partner program.

Each of the three companies will continue to maintain its own identity, managing its own customer and product portfolio. However, as a collective, the alliance will pool its talent, resources, and experience to provide HPC services and solutions to new business opportunities across the European market. 

Linux clusters continue to power the next generation of business innovation. As organizations across Europe choose powerful new HPC solutions, Do IT Now will position Bright Cluster Manager at the center of these cutting edge infrastructures, helping to eliminate complexity and enable flexibility. With its ability to deploy complete clusters over bare metal and manage them reliably from edge to core to cloud, Bright Cluster Manager will get Do IT Now customers up and running, quickly and efficiently.

Do IT Now collectively has more than 30 years of HPC industry expertise, they help customers get the most out of HPC technologies by providing efficient and straightforward supercomputer usage. Do IT Now will offer solutions for different IT sectors like big data, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, or storage - all very compatible with the Bright offer. 

Do IT Now will focus on removing complexity by offering simple solutions to scientists and engineers from fields as varied as research, pharma, genomics, automotive, aerospace, energy, or banking, among many others. This is a perfect fit for Bright, and we look forward to adding value to these customer environments.

I am particularly excited about the direction of this new partnership with Do IT Now, working together with this collection of dynamic companies to maximise resources, extend reach, and share knowledge, across the European HPC market.

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