Top 5 Bright Podcasts of 2020


By Bright Staff | March 16, 2021 |



With so many of us working remotely, podcasts have become a highly consumable medium … we don’t have to be deskbound to tune in. We can enjoy rich and insightful content while walking the dog, or taking daily exercise. 

It’s not just the Bright Computing podcast that has taken off; as of December 2020, Apple was hosting 1.68 million different podcasts. And, increasing numbers of people are tuning in. According to Podcast Hosting, 75% of the US population is now familiar with the term “podcasting”, 55% (155 million) has listened to a podcast, and an impressive 24% (68 million) listen to podcasts weekly.  

So, we thought it would be fun to look back on the podcasts that you, our listeners, found the most interesting in 2020.  If you missed them or want to re-listen here’s our top 5:

#1 - A Look at Jupyter Lab and Jupyter Enterprise Gateway 

Robert Stober is once again joined by Adnan Khaleel to discuss the Bright Jupyter integration, which is a combination of JupyterHub, JupyterLab, and Jupyter Enterprise Gateway. They look at how the Bright Jupyter integration makes it easy for customers to use Bright for Data Science through JupyterLab notebooks, and allows users to run their notebooks through a supported HPC scheduler, Kubernetes, or on the server running JupyterHub. Listen now  

#2 - Taking a Look at HPCaaS 

Robert Stober, Director of Product Management at Bright Computing is joined by Adnan Khaleel, Global Sales Strategist for HPC, AI and Deep Learning at Dell EMC. Together, they will discuss the subject of HPC as a service: What it means, how it is different from traditional HPC, and what the benefits are. Listen now

#3 - An interview with Bright customer, Simula 

Terry Rush, Director of Sales at Bright Computing, spends time with Simula’s Research Director for Software Engineering and HPC, Professor Are Magnus Bruaset, and Senior Research Engineer at Simula, Tore Heide Larsen. Together they discuss the reasons that Simula chose to deploy Bright technology and the role that it plays in the Simula HPC architecture. Listen now

#4 - Intel and Bright: Managing change and complexity in the new era of HPC 

Bill Wagner, CEO at Bright Computing and Trish Damkroger, Vice President and General Manager, High Performance Computing Group at Intel discuss the theme of how to manage change and complexity in the new era of HPC. Listen now  

#5 - Bright and WWT: Discussing the HPC and AI Market  

Lee Carter, VP Alliances at Bright Computing is joined by Earl J Dodd,  Global HPC & Supercomputing Technical Solutions Architect at WWT. Join them for an interesting insight into how WWT sees the HPC and AI market, and how, together, Bright and WWT helps our mutual customers tackle the challenges presented by these new workloads. Listen now

Considering that nearly 3 out of 4 people tune in to podcasts to learn something new, we are really happy to see that our podcasts are being so well received by the industry. We strive to continue to provide relevant and interesting content in 2021.  So with this in mind, if there are subjects you would like us to cover, or if you are interested in contributing to a podcast, please get in touch.

See our podcast series, here.

Happy listening!