Bright streamlines the creation of clusters in Amazon Web Services

By Piotr Wachowicz | October 11, 2016

We’ve been writing about many of the great features of Version 7.3 of Bright Cluster Manager software, but I have to say that revamping our Amazon Web Services (AWS) integration is high on my list of improvements. It’s now far easier to deploy the AWS cluster extension and Cluster on Demand capabilities of Bright Cluster Manager. We’ve even added the ability to create multiple clusters on demand in parallel.

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My 2-Minute Drill at the Rice Oil and Gas HPC Workshop: Spark’ing Possibilities for Energy Exploration and Other Industries

By Ian Lumb | April 01, 2015

Spark'ing Scope Creep

I had the fortunate opportunity to present in the disruptive-technology track at the 2015 Rice Oil and Gas HPC Workshop during the first week of March. What I presented during my two-minute drill in this session ended up being much more disruptive than I anticipated.

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The Top 4 Reasons You Should Try Cloud-Based GPUs for HPC

By Ian Lumb | April 08, 2014

Have you tried cloud-based GPUs for HPC? If not, here are the top four reasons you might want to.

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Use Intel’s 20-Step Process to Choose a Management Solution for Your Cluster

By Ian Lumb | February 06, 2014

20 criteria to identify your solution for cluster management? Absolutely!

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Large or Small: Cloud Use Cases Fit All (Organizations)

By Ian Lumb | January 16, 2014

`The Cloud’ precipitates casual conversation. Not surprising perhaps, as this weather-borne metaphor puts shape to the state-of-the-art in virtualized IT infrastructure. With actual utilization of The Cloud steadily on the uptick however, conversations are taking on a much more pragmatic tone these days …

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Extending into the Cloud: Two Use Cases from Bio-IT World

By Ian Lumb | April 17, 2013

The last time I participated in Bio-IT World it was May 2005. While Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee keynoted the event opening by sharing his vision for a next-generation Web, those of us in the trenches (aka. the exhibits area) attempted to communicate the value proposition for grid computing - or was it Grid computing, or even Grid Computing ...

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