Use Intel’s 20-Step Process to Choose a Management Solution for Your Cluster

By Ian Lumb | February 06, 2014

20 criteria to identify your solution for cluster management? Absolutely!

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Large or Small: Cloud Use Cases Fit All (Organizations)

By Ian Lumb | January 16, 2014

`The Cloud’ precipitates casual conversation. Not surprising perhaps, as this weather-borne metaphor puts shape to the state-of-the-art in virtualized IT infrastructure. With actual utilization of The Cloud steadily on the uptick however, conversations are taking on a much more pragmatic tone these days …

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Executing Custom Shell Commands through Bright Cluster Manager

By Ian Lumb | July 23, 2013

Bright Cluster Manager includes an interactive shell known as CMSH. Owing to personal preference, or the task at hand, Bright admins might choose the Command-Line Interface (CLI) for cluster management rather than the Bright GUI.

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Extending into the Cloud: Two Use Cases from Bio-IT World

By Ian Lumb | April 17, 2013

The last time I participated in Bio-IT World it was May 2005. While Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee keynoted the event opening by sharing his vision for a next-generation Web, those of us in the trenches (aka. the exhibits area) attempted to communicate the value proposition for grid computing - or was it Grid computing, or even Grid Computing ...

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How to submit an SGE job to the cloud using the Bright CMSUB command

By Robert Stober | March 22, 2013

This article shows how to submit a simple OGS (SGE) job to the cloud using the Bright CMSUB command.

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