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Spinning up Hadoop with Bright

By Mark Sargeant | March 21, 2015

In recent weeks, a growing number of clients have shown interest in Bright’s infrastructure management solution for Hadoop, so I thought it would be useful to record a video to demonstrate just how easy it is to spin up a brand new instance of Hadoop by using Bright. You can view the video here.

My colleague, Michele Lamarca, was driving the technology during the demo, and it took him only five minutes to install the Hadoop distribution—barely enough time for me to get warmed up!

Most of those reading this blog post already will be familiar with the many benefits that our HPC infrastructure management solution brings; deploying from bare metal; configure, provision, manage, monitor, and health check your clusters; and radically simplifying day-to-day administration from a single pane-of-glass presentation.

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Cluster Health: Overcoming Black Hole Node Syndrome

By c. brandis | March 14, 2015

Some cluster health issues are easier to detect than others—with issues ranging from new equipment delivery checks for defective devices to the hard to detectBlack Hole Node Syndrome (BHNS). In a recent survey, more than 64% of respondents stated that black hole node syndrome has affected their systems and their work.

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Cluster monitoring vs. health checking: What’s the difference?

By c. brandis | March 11, 2015

If you are responsible for managing a cluster, you certainly use monitoring software to help you keep it running right. Many organizations, however, tend to lump cluster monitoring with cluster health checks, as if they were one and the same, interchangeable. They’re not.

One way to look at it is that cluster monitoring involves tracking and measuring data. Health checks show how well things are working (diagnostic).  

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