Managing the Impact of Interactive Use, Part 1: Introducing Login Nodes via Bright

By Ian Lumb | September 25, 2013

Whether it’s force of habit, or from actual need, users of HPC environments crave interactivity. Because the impact of unmanaged interactive sessions can be significant, there exists the potential for concern. Is it possible to meet users’ need for interactivity while managing the potential for impact? In this first part of a two-part series on managing interactive impact, attention focuses on the introduction of login nodes to a cluster managed by Bright Cluster Manager. The second part in this series will focus on use of workload managers as a complementary means for managing the interactive impact on the compute nodes of a cluster.

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How to run Linpack across a Bright Linux cluster

By Robert Stober | July 30, 2012

It's easy to run Linpack across a Linux cluster with Bright Cluster Manager. This article shows how, using the Bright CMSH.

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How to Quickly Burn Test Your HPC Cluster Using the Bright Cluster Manager CMGUI

By Robert Stober | June 12, 2012

The Bright Cluster Manager burn framework is used to automatically run a set of test scripts on one or more HPC cluster nodes. This process allows you to verify that the hardware is functioning and that the cluster is fully operational — for example, before you sign off on the installation. The burn framework is installed by default on all Bright clusters.

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