CUDA 6.5: Something for Nothing

By Ian Lumb | September 17, 2014

Who says you can’t get something for nothing? With CUDA 6.5, you can! The something is improved performance. The nothing is no code change required.

NVIDIA made improved performance a focal point of the recent CUDA 6.5 release. For example, if you make use of CUDA-enabled FFTs and/or sparse-matrix routines, all you’ll need to do is recompile your application with this latest release of the toolkit. You’ll see performance improvements without having to change a single character in your source code. Even the size of object files can be optimized through use of the nvprune utility.

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The Top 4 Reasons You Should Try Cloud-Based GPUs for HPC

By Ian Lumb | April 08, 2014

Have you tried cloud-based GPUs for HPC? If not, here are the top four reasons you might want to.

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How to download and run a CUDA 4.1 demo job using the Bright CMSH

By Robert Stober | October 08, 2012

With Bright Cluster Manager, there are only 5 fast and easy steps to download and run a CUDA 4.1 demo job. In this example I will use the Bright CMSH.

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How to install & verify CUDA 4.1 with the Bright Cluster Manager CMSH

By Robert Stober | October 05, 2012

Bright Cluster Manager makes every HPC management task fast and easy. In this article, I will show you how to install and verify CUDA 4.1 on a Linux cluster running Bright. In this example, the node atom04 has two NVIDIA C2075 GPUs installed.

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