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Unify your HPC Infrastructure from Edge-to-Core-to-Cloud

By Bright Staff | April 28, 2021

Earlier this week, Bright CEO Bill Wagner wrote an article featured by InsideHPC where he discusses how changes in HPC are demanding that businesses unify their HPC infrastructure from edge to core to cloud. He goes on to explain that, at the edge, while sensors and new apps that require low-latency compute certainly necessitate systems that live in close proximity (outside of public clouds and traditional data centers), the reality is, new compute-intensive/data-intensive apps in machine learning and analytics are driving the need for organizations to have a growing number of high-performance clusters in an expanding number of physical locations, as well as in the public cloud. With compute and systems destined to become increasingly decentralized in this way, the notion of the edge being an outlier to some dominant central computing infrastructure overlord will quickly become dated.

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