0-Day Support for the NVIDIA® Tesla® K80 Dual-GPU Accelerator

By Ian Lumb | November 17, 2014

The NVIDIA® Tesla® K80 Dual-GPU Accelerator was announced at 6 am PST today at SC14 in New Orleans. Bright Computing announced support for the K80 an hour later. How did we deliver 0-day support for the K80? Easy: People. Product. Process. We’ll briefly cover The 3Ps here, so you’ll understand why your K80s will be ready for production use upon arrival. 

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The Top 4 Reasons You Should Try Cloud-Based GPUs for HPC

By Ian Lumb | April 08, 2014

Have you tried cloud-based GPUs for HPC? If not, here are the top four reasons you might want to.

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How to install & verify CUDA 4.1 with the Bright Cluster Manager CMSH

By Robert Stober | October 05, 2012

Bright Cluster Manager makes every HPC management task fast and easy. In this article, I will show you how to install and verify CUDA 4.1 on a Linux cluster running Bright. In this example, the node atom04 has two NVIDIA C2075 GPUs installed.

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