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Leverage Integrated Development Environments using Bright’s Jupyter Dev Server

By Bright Staff | September 21, 2021

The Jupyter Notebook is a popular open-source development tool used by data scientists, programmers, analysts, and engineers to create and share “notebooks” that integrate live code, equations, computational output, visualizations, and other multimedia resources, along with explanatory text. Redesigned in Bright Cluster Manager 9.1, Bright’s Jupyter integration takes this tool a step further and accomplishes several important things that make Jupyter a more effective and powerful tool for users. Namely, data scientists and ML practitioners can leverage this integration to conveniently run applications by writing notebooks in their browsers. Bright makes it possible and easy for Jupyter notebooks to run on a cluster, increasing the scope of work that can be performed through Jupyter and providing a point-and-click interface for users that are not familiar with the complexity of submitting jobs to a cluster. This workflow makes it easy to run different experiments, enables rapid prototyping, and allows fine-tuning ML models.

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