Realize the Massive Potential of your AI Infrastructure

By Tim Ranagan | July 03, 2019

With an ever-expanding array of future-focused use-cases and solutions, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has rapidly become an essential business and research tool for enterprise, academic, and government end-users. Organizations everywhere are investing incredible amounts of resources into the development of these solutions, and while these AI capabilities are proving to add significant value to our lives, they are also proving to be some of the most demanding workloads in modern computing history. It should come as no surprise that the high-performance computing (HPC) clusters required to run AI workloads place significant strain on traditional (and in some cases “legacy”) IT infrastructure, as businesses struggle to keep pace with ever-expanding sets of hot and warm data.

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Bright Exhibits at GPU Technology Conference

By Bright Staff | May 04, 2017

Bright Computing will be exhibiting at the GPU Technology Conference (GTC 2017) being held May 9-11 at the San Jose Convention Center, and we expect it to be an exciting event!

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A Big “Thumbs Up” for NVidia’s First European GPU Technology Conference

By Clemens Engler | October 06, 2016

I was one of the lucky ones to attend the GPU Technology Conference last week, in Amsterdam. This was NVidia’s first GTC in Europe, and boy was it a success. The event wasn’t even announced until after the US event, and the organisers “conservatively” anticipated 1,000 attendees; 1,700 showed up.

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