Cloud Expo Europe 2016

By Bright Staff | November 25, 2016

Germany is the largest technology market in Europe, according to Germany Trade & Invest, and accounts for 24.5% of all technology purchases in the region. By comparison the UK accounts for 17.3% and France accounts for 15.6%.

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Has OpenStack Finally Arrived?

By Lionel Gibbons | November 09, 2016

As the dust settles from October’s OpenStack Summit in Barcelona, Spain, it seems like a good time to take stock. How is OpenStack doing? Is it still the darling of DevOps devotees everywhere, or is it fading into obscurity like so many hot technologies that came before it?

One way to judge is the event itself – the OpenStack Summit. Another is to see what people who are actually deploying it are saying in the OpenStack User Survey update. Let’s have a look.

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Deep Learning in Bright Cluster Manager Version 7.3

By Panos Labropoulos | October 11, 2016

Enterprises have been busy for years collecting large amounts of data and analyzing it to obtain a competitive advantage by using machine learning – developing algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on data. Now some are looking to go even deeper – using machine learning techniques called deep learning to create predictive applications for fraud detection, demand forecasting, click prediction, and other data-intensive analyses.

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Bright Cluster on Demand – Spin Up a Cluster for Testing, Training and More

By Teun Docter | September 27, 2016

Version 7.3 of Bright OpenStack has a lot of great features. One I am most excited about is Cluster on Demand (COD), which lets end users provision entire cluster environments in a Bright OpenStack cloud. Any kind of cluster can be implemented, including HPC, Hadoop, Spark, or even a Bright OpenStack cloud.

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Bright OpenStack 7.3 — OpenStack the Bright Way

By Lionel Gibbons | August 10, 2016

Last week I posted to let you know that the latest, greatest version of Bright Cluster Manager is now shipping. What I didn't mention then is that we released the latest, greatest verison of Bright OpenStack at the same time. You can read a summary of what's new in 7.3 here, and read the news release here

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The Easy Way to Deploy OpenStack

By Lionel Gibbons | August 04, 2016

If you've been to any IT-related social gathering lately, chances are the topic of OpenStack has come up in conversation. You've heard people say that OpenStack can free you from the tyranny of expensive, proprietary cloud solutions. They'll say it's more secure than of public clouds. They'll say it's another triumph of open source software.

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OpenStack Continues to Grow

By Lionel Gibbons | July 28, 2016

The adoption of OpenStack continues to grow unabated. According to Ben Rossi writing in an article (dated 13 April 2016) titled 65% of OpenStack deployments now in production, the spread of OpenStack has expanded one-third over last year.  It is not hard to guess the reasons why. Foremost among those reasons is the avoidance of vendor lock-in and the great inherent flexibility and adaptability of OpenStack. As stated in the same article quoted earlier, “Being a flexible framework to build on is the most important aspect of the OpenStack platform," and, "OpenStack has experienced accelerated adoption in the past year with more diverse and larger deployments, particularly as organizations have recognized the flexibility and agility that OpenStack offers."

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Cluster-as-a-Service, an OpenStack Summit Presentation

By Piotr Wachowicz | May 10, 2016

I had the privilege of speaking at the OpenStack Summit in Austin last month about Cluster-as-a-Service (Caas). This brief talk has been featured on the OpenStack Summit website, and I encourage you to take a look and learn more about how your OpenStack environment can benefit from CaaS.

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5 fascinating facts from the latest OpenStack user survey

By Lionel Gibbons | May 06, 2016

There’s no denying it — OpenStack is the real deal. We’ve seen cloud technologies come and go, and many a pundit has predicted that OpenStack would follow suit. But the reality is that OpenStack has taken root and is starting to grow very nicely, thank you very much. The OpenStack Foundation has been conducting surveys since 2013, and I always find it fascinating to read through the results to see how the world of OpenStack is developing. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from the latest survey.

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How to build your new Dynamic Datacenter

By Lionel Gibbons | March 23, 2016

Lee Carter's blog post talks about the concept of dynamic datacenters and how they are required to meet the challenge of ever-changing business demands on IT services.

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