My Two Key Takeaways from Hadoop Summit 2016: Security & Storage versus Compute

By Ray Burgemeestre | April 27, 2016

 The podcast from Roaring Elephant summarized the theme for the 2016 Hadoop Summit as a "Continuation of the Journey," and the importance of partnering up. The message that; "You are not alone in this," was emphasized a few times in different keynotes. I also felt like the speakers tried to coin the theme "It's all about the apps," but as this was my first Summit, I’m uncertain as to whether this was new to 2016 or not.

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Does your organization need a private cloud?

By Bright Staff | July 23, 2014

Are you tired of paying for public cloud services? Do you wish you could build your own cloud? With Bright's solution for OpenStack, building, managing and maintaining private clouds is simpler than you might think.

Bright Cluster for OpenStack comes with everything you need to get your private cloud up and running. It's easy to go from zero to production with integrated installation and configuration of all software on your OpenStack infrastructure. The installation wizard provides deployment you can do yourself, and the Bright Cluster Manager allows networking configuration on your first attempt.

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Heartbleed Update

By Martijn de Vries | April 15, 2014

You’ve probably heard about the recently discovered OpenSSL vulnerability called the

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Use Intel’s 20-Step Process to Choose a Management Solution for Your Cluster

By Ian Lumb | February 06, 2014

20 criteria to identify your solution for cluster management? Absolutely!

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Gain Peace of Mind with a Private Cloud

By Bright Staff | February 04, 2014

Cloud computing continues to gain popularity. The lure of being able to access all of your important data no matter where you are is a powerful driver. However, cloud computing comes with a price, and keeping your data in the cloud means giving up some of the control over it. Fortunately, there is an alternative to public clouds that businesses can take advantage of –  private clouds.

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Use Private Clouds for Secure, Flexible IT Infrastructure

By Bright Staff | January 23, 2014

When we think of computer resources in the cloud, we usually think of public clouds with infrastructure that is shared by many clients through the internet. Cloud computing has proven to be a solution, however, with security and availability issues still unresolved, more and more companies are choosing a private cloud.

Some organizations can't take advantage of public clouds because of security or regulatory concerns. A private cloud resides within the company environment and has restricted access, usually to company employees or business partners. In effect, the organization’s IT department acts as the service provider for internal customers. This option is inviting to companies that want more control over their infrastructure and have more trust and confidence in their internal IT departments than an outside entity.

What Does it Mean?

A private cloud takes the idea of a dynamic datacenter to the next level. In a dynamic datacenter, virtualization is used to separate hardware considerations from IT workloads. The infrastructure that has been apportioned to different departments or locations can be combined into one virtualized pool of resources – infrastructure that IT can offer as a service anywhere in the organization.

What are the Benefits?

  • Cloud computing can lower costs. By merging all of the computing resources and therefore optimizing the use of the sum of those resources, better efficiency and utilization of the entire shared infrastructure is delivered.
  • By isolating cloud resources, private clouds ensure the security and availability of important information.
  • A private cloud platform is scalable-you can quickly create a customized server by adding memory or storage as you need it.
  • No more downtime-if one server crashes, the data on that server is automatically transferred to another. You can design your own environments with as much redundancy as is required.

Cloud computing provides some strong benefits. Contact us to unleash the unlimited power of the cloud so you can get your job done!

Bright OpenStack

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