More Cluster Manager Advice for Sysadmins: Nourish the Network and Manage the Memory

By Lionel Gibbons | July 31, 2014

In a previous blog we briefly discussed how sysadmins need to focus on the hardware side of the HPC cluster equation. Clustering, of course, is where businesses can approach the power of the “supercomputer,” and the nodes are the “brain cells” that need to be monitored and nurtured.

What clusters do best is run software applications in a parallel and resource-sharing way, where the sum of their power can be diminished by misallocated parts. Applications produce the data analytics and output that run the business, which can come to a sudden halt if issues like network monitoring and memory usage aren’t continually addressed.

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Tech Tip: Working with OpenStack

By Piotr Wachowicz | July 07, 2014

Most people getting started with OpenStack have learned that it can be hard to install. As they continue to explore, they soon learn that it isn't easy to un-install and re-install either.

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