How to configure diskless disk setup when using Torque

By Robert Stober | October 23, 2012

Torque behaves strangley when tmpfs is specified as "0" in the disksetup. The setting "0" means "unlimited" - eg, use as much of the memory as is necessary to contain the image. But Torque sees this as a full file system.

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How to easily install & configure the Torque/Maui open source scheduler in Bright

By Robert Stober | August 14, 2012

Bright Cluster Manager makes most cluster management tasks very easy to perform, and installing workload managers is one of them. There are many workload managers that are pre-configured, admin-selectable options when you install Bright, including PBS Pro, SLURM, LSF, openlava, Torque, and Grid Engine

The open source scheduler Maui is not pre-configured, but it's really easy to install and configure this software in Bright Cluster Manager. This article shows you how.

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How to easily switch from one workload manager to another with Bright

By Robert Stober | August 06, 2012

When you install Bright Cluster Manager on your system, Bright automatically installs the workload manager of your choice, from among the following:

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How to quickly configure a number of Torque job slots per server

By Robert Stober | July 17, 2012
This article is about how to configure a number of Torque job slots per server, but before I begin, I would like to mention the alternatives you have when you use Bright.
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