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The Case for a Turing Test 2.0

By Jeff Jedras | February 25, 2015

By Jeff Jedras

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch takes high performance computing out of the data center and into the theater with his portrayal of computing industry pioneer Alan Turing in the Oscar-nominated film, The Imitation Game.

The movie tells the story of how Turing led a team during World War Two that helped crack Germany’s naval Enigma code, allowing the Allies to gain a crucial advantage against the U-Boats that threatened to choke off the resupply of Britain. It was a technology victory that, the film argues, shortened the war and saved millions of lives.

Perhaps a sequel will focus on one of Turing’s other claims to fame: the Turing Test. Proposed by Turing in 1950, it seeks to distinguish between a machine-based artificial intelligence and a human. In a nutshell, it asks, "Are you a human, or a machine trying to fool me?"

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