UND Reaffirms its Commitment to Bright Technology


By Dan Kuczkowski | October 10, 2019 | Bright Cluster Manager, bright openstack, Bright Cluster Manager for Data Science



Here at Bright, we were delighted to announce, earlier this week, that the University of North Dakota has deployed a host of Bright technology into its supercomputing infrastructure, including Bright Cluster Manager for HPC and Data Science, and Bright OpenStack. 

Our software stack will underpin UND’s latest supercomputing cluster; facilitating a unified environment that delivers versatility, access to the cloud, and access to deep learning resources.

UND is a returning customer, with Bright installed in its previous high-performance computing infrastructure.

UND’s new cluster is run on HPE’s Apollo 6500 Gen10 system; purpose-built for HPC and a leading platform for deep learning. The project was overseen by Core Technology Services (CTS) of the North Dakota University System, with input from one of Bright’s trusted service delivery partners, Data in Science.

The reason I am particularly excited about this announcement is because UND is leveraging Bright’s software platform for maximum flexibility and to future-proof their robust requirements. UND has very high standards and strives to meet the rigorous demands of its faculty staff, researchers, and students. This is a very real case of Bright delivering the tools that UND needs to effectively manage its supercomputing environment, and to meet any new requirements that arise in the coming years.

Aaron summed it up perfectly in the announcement, where he commented; “Bright gives UND the tools we need to effectively manage our supercomputing environment, and I feel confident that we can meet any new requirements that arise in the coming years.” He added; “Bright software makes it easy for us train new staff to deploy, provision, and manage our clustered infrastructure for HPC, Data Science, and Cloud; all integrated, and all from a single point of control. We can deploy Ceph nodes, install standard HPC products, roll out cloud features, introduce data science packages, all from a single interface with robust enterprise-grade support. Moreover, if we ever exceed resources, Bright allows us to burst our workload to commercial cloud services.”

With Bright, UND will be able to quickly and easily train its new staff to deploy, provision, and manage their clustered infrastructure for HPC, Data Science, and Cloud; the hardware and software will all be integrated, and it will all be managed from a single point of control; in Bright View. How neat is that?

You can read the full press release here. We’d love to work with other organizations to realize their vision for their HPC infrastructure, so please get in touch!

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