University of Siegen – Securing its investment in HPC with Bright


By Terry Rush | December 13, 2019 | Bright Cluster Manager, Bright Cluster Manager for Data Science



I was delighted to see the press announcement from Bright last week, regarding a customer of mine, University of Siegen, who has chosen to significantly expand its Bright software footprint to address the increasingly varied and challenging demands of its research staff.

This announcement was timely, as it coincided with Bright sponsoring CIUK in Manchester last week; CIUK being arguably the most significant HPC event that takes place in the UK each year.

Visitors to our booth were very interested to hear about the University of Siegen and their decision to increase their investment in Bright to meet the growing demand for compute resources as their researchers run more and more complex jobs that require increasingly robust and powerful systems.

Siegen has purchased nodes for Bright Cluster Manager, Bright OpenStack, and Bright Cluster Manager for Data Science, recognizing that it is significantly easier to manage its infrastructure with Bright than with open source tools.

It’s always a pleasure to work through these challenges with a customer, as they come to realize that – out of the box - Bright automates multiple administration tasks and takes care of necessary upgrades to ensure that systems are always performing optimally.

At Siegen, its fully integrated software stack is now centrally managed by Bright Cluster Manager, allowing the University to run a large number of diverse compute jobs simultaneously, no matter how big or small, with the flexibility to expand the cluster in the future if required. Siegen’s investment in Bright Cluster Manager for Data Science also empowers its team to delve into new research projects in the AI and deep learning space.  

This is a classic tale of a dynamic and proactive University, striving to provide state of the art HPC facilities to its staff and students, under the constraints of a small team and limited budget. I’m really pleased that Bright is able to help the Siegen team achieve their goals.