University of Vigo Selects Bright Cluster Manager


By Terry Rush | December 15, 2020 | Bright Cluster Manager, HPCNow!



We are really pleased that the University of Vigo in Spain has chosen Bright Cluster Manager to build and manage its HPC Linux cluster. 

The supercomputer, which is now in full production and comprises 42 multi-processor nodes with graphic accelerators (GPUs) and a series of selected software tools, making it extremely easy to use and manage. 

Cluster management is carried out by Bright Cluster Manager. Our technology was deployed to automate the process of cluster deployment and provides day-to-day unified cluster management. For the University of Vigo, Bright Cluster Manager software specifically eliminates complexity and enables total flexibility.

The news announcement was first shared in November by our partners, HPCNow!  HPCNow! is one of Bright Computing’s Premier Partners, operating across Southern Europe and providing its customers with solutions and technologies that address the most complex problems in HPC, such as cluster design, supercomputer administration, and user support. 

HPCNow! became a Bright partner in April 2019, and was swiftly promoted to the Premier tier after bringing a series of significant new customers to Bright―and, I’m pleased to say that the University of Vigo is the latest new logo to be added to the Bright portfolio. 

In December last year, Spanish company, Flytech, won a public tender to supply an HPC cluster to the Industrial Technology Module (MTI) at the University of Vigo. The HPC solution was developed by Flytech in collaboration with HPCNow!, and brings all systems - including Bright Cluster Manager - together into a state-of-the-art data processing centre. 

We wish the University of Vigo every success with their exciting new supercomputer and we continue to work closely with our valued partners, HPCNow!, to both support the University of Vigo, and to work on other exciting HPC projects in the future.


The latest version of Bright Cluster Manager has recently been made generally available. Bright Cluster Manager 9.1 delivers more cluster management capabilities from edge to core to cloud, and comprises built-in expertise, integrated cluster build, management, and monitoring, and platform independence. Release 9.1 takes simplified cluster management to a whole new level. You can read about the full list of 9.1 features, here.