Vendor-agnostic cluster management software helps company stay focused on product innovation: A case study


By Lionel Gibbons | May 05, 2016 |



Our latest case study tells the story about how Dana Holding Corporation is using Bright Cluster Manager to help them drive innovation – no matter which hardware vendor they use.

Dana supplies driveline, sealing, and thermal-management technologies for automotive markets. More than 100 engineers use HPCs to conduct simulations used to refine powertrain product designs, including cylinder head gaskets and electric vehicle battery and cooling systems.

Dana periodically reviews its technology stack and refreshes its hardware to get the biggest bang for the buck. Unfortunately, each new HPC hardware setup comes with its own brand of (lackluster) cluster management tools. The admin team would just be getting comfortable using one management tool, when a new one would be introduced with refreshed hardware. The learning curve added delays to their build time, slowing down the delivery of the new clusters into the hands of engineers.

Since adopting Bright Cluster Manager, Dana has been transitioning six clusters around the world that use IBM and Cray hardware. Admins are impressed with how quick and intuitive it is to use and thrilled that they don’t have to keep learning how to use a new management tool when they upgrade their hardware.

From this study, you can learn:

  • How the ease of Bright Cluster Manager can increase efficiency.
  • How Bright Cluster Manager can cut cluster build time from weeks to days.
  • How Bright Cluster Manager provides the tools you need to easily manage a cluster on any hardware.
Read the entire case study here.