What is Deep Learning & How Is It Being Used?


By Lionel Gibbons | July 24, 2018 | deep learning



deep-learningDeep Learning is a subfield of machine learning. These both fall under a broader category of artificial intelligence; however, deep learning is behind the most "human-like" artificial intelligence.

Many of today's applications dealing with customer service utilize machine learning algorithms. These algorithms increase agent productivity and make workflows more dependable. Artificial intelligence is an exciting industry for many businesses because its most practical use will be customer service.

Deep learning finds complex structures in large data sets by using the "backpropagation algorithm" to indicate how a machine needs to change its internal parameters that are used to calculate the representation in each layer from the representation in the previous layer. Deep convolutional nets have brought advancements in processing images, video, speech and audio.

As deep learning becomes more refined, we see more advanced applications of AI in customer service. Deep learning structures algorithms in layers. This creates an artificial neural network than learns and makes intelligent decisions on its own!  The model is designed to constantly analyze data with a logic structure; similar to how we would draw our own conclusions. This algorithm was inspired by the neural network of the human brain.

Many companies are using deep learning to power image recognition and tagging. Customers can use pictures rather than keywords to search a company's product for similar items. One company is using deep learning networks to explore the possibility of repurposing known and tested drugs for use against new diseases. Another company is using deep learning to provide real time insights into food production. Deep learning is an exciting and useful innovation. How you use it to improve your business, or your product, is up to you.

Many businesses are collecting large amounts of data to analyze and obtain competitive advantage in the growing market place. Some are using machine learning to create applications for fraud detection, among other things. Others are even going as far as to use deep learning. However, processing large amounts of data requires large amounts of computational power. If you're business is interested in deep learning, but worries about configuring and deploying all the dependent pieces, contact us at Bright Computing. We can help you make the right choices.

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