X-ISS and Bright Partner to Deliver HPC Solution to Major Healthcare Researcher in North America


By Jim Decker, Senior Account Manager, X-ISS | July 16, 2020 |



Since my inaugural post for the Bright blog back in July 2019, we’ve seen our HPC business grow at a healthy rate; thanks in no small part to our partnership with Bright Computing. It’s worth noting that since the global pandemic took hold, the number of inbound inquiries to X-ISS has grown considerably, as organizations are seeking an X-ISS / Bright solution to help them stay on top of demanding research projects in this tough business climate.

We’re excited to announce an opportunity that was recently won in May 2020. A major healthcare researcher based in North America had approached Dell & X-ISS with the challenge to design and create a next generation high performance computing (HPC) system which would provide the computational power to support increasingly sophisticated and complex workloads. 

X-ISS has been working collaboratively with the Dell Technologies team and an array of researchers over recent months to design an ideal system that would suit their exact needs, and we’ve achieved that goal. The configuration resulted with a powerful, medium-sized HPC cluster based on a Dell technology platform, including two head nodes, 26 compute nodes, 20 GPUs, and a storage node. 

The researchers selected Bright Cluster Manager for the provision and management of their cluster resources. The decision to choose Bright Cluster Manager was primarily due to its clean, award-winning capabilities for seamlessly managing all their HPC resources on the cluster and enabling the organization the ability to properly administer it from a unified interface. Based on the recommendation from Dell and X-ISS, and the vast experience of X-ISS performing numerous installations of Bright, the researchers all agreed to the selection. X-ISS will be performing the software installation of the Bright Cluster Manager along with providing the all-important knowledge transfer to designated staff members.

The researchers have also requested that at post-deployment, X-ISS to become their remote HPC administrator. In this role, we will fully support, maintain, and proactively perform health checks on their HPC cluster, to ensure it continues to perform optimally.

X-ISS’ expertise in HPC cluster administration, along with our in-depth knowledge of deploying and using Bright software, has made for an easy decision by this research group. We look forward to getting the cluster up and running quickly and showcasing the power of Bright Cluster Manager.