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We’ve curated content that will help you build and manage your HPC infrastructure from edge-to-core-to-cloud that enables a new era in HPC. Learn how you can eliminate complexity and enable flexibility so your organization can focus on innovation rather than infrastructure.


Speaking engagements

SC20 Panel

Cluster Management And Virtualization

A partnership between Bright Computing and VMware is creating new opportunities to use virtualized infrastructure to easily build and manage high-performance clusters that make new levels of flexibility and resource utilization a reality. Join us for a discussion highlighting cluster management and virtualization - two great technologies that now work great together


  • Martijn de Vries - Bright Computing
  • Jay Boisseau - Dell Technologies 
  • Josh Simons - VMware
  • James Lowey - TGEN

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Birds of a Feather

Knocking Down Barriers - Making HPC Easier to Use

Join Dell and Bright for a discussion on emerging technologies, such as Jupyter Notebooks, that are revolutionizing access to HPC compute, knocking down barriers for end-users everywhere.


  • Robert Stober - Bright Computing
  • Adnan Khaleel - Dell Technologies












Exhibitor Forum

Managing Complexity in the New Era of HPC

Join Bright for a deep dive into the challenges in HPC and the solutions offered that are giving access to this technology for a whole new set of users


Bill Wagner - Bright Computing









Solutions Webinars


Bright Cluster Manager - 9.1 Update

Bright Cluster Manager 9.1 is now generally available. This webinar will dive into the key features and functionality in 9.1.






See how Bright automates the process of building and managing the HPC infrastructure that delivers Clusters-as-Service for machine learning, data analytics, HPC, and more.






Edge Computing

In this webinar, we discuss how Bright Edge enables organizations to deploy and centrally manage computing resources in distributed locations as a single clustered infrastructure. Watch the webinar to learn more.






Hybrid cloud

Here we highlight how Bright Cluster Manager enables you to effectively manage capacity and growth, so end-users are given the resources they need, when they need them.






AI & Deep Learning

Learn how Bright Cluster Manager offers an integrated solution for building and managing machine learning clusters that  reduces complexity, accelerates time to value, and provides enormous flexibility.






Bright Cluster Manager 9.1 Demos

See Bright Cluster Manager in action! Watch these demos to learn how Bright Cluster Manager offers an integrated solution for building and managing clusters that reduce complexity, accelerate time to value, and provide enormous flexibility:

Ansible Module

Bright Auto Scaler

Bright View UI Redesign


Jupyter - live demo

offloadable monitoring



Bright Cluster Manager 9.1 Resources

91-press-releasePRESS RELEASE: Bright Cluster Manager VERSION 9.1  

Bright Computing has announced the latest version of their Bright Cluster Manager (BCM) software. Version 9.1 further simplifies building and managing clusters from edge to core to cloud. Read now



Learn how Bright automates the process of building and managing modern high-performance Linux clusters - eliminating complexity, enabling flexibility, and supporting scalability. Read now



WEBINAR: BRIght cluster manager 9.1

Bright Cluster Manager 9.1 is now generally available. This webinar will dive into the key features and functionality in 9.1. Watch now



Bill Wagner, CEO at Bright, discusses Bright Cluster Manager 9.1 with InsideHPC. Watch now



Bright CTO, Martijn de Vries is interviewed by InsideHPC about the new era of HPC and clusters as a service.  Watch now



intersect-360STAT SHEET:Bright Cluster Manager Expands to Embrace a New Era of HPC

Read how Bright Computing helps address the big question in HPC: how to match diverse resources to
diverse workloads in a way that is both efficient today and future-proof for tomorrow. Read now







Managing change and complexity in the new era of HPC

In this episode of the podcast, we welcome Bill Wagner, CEO at Bright Computing and Trish Damkroger, Vice President and General Manager, High Performance Computing Group at Intel. Together they will discuss the theme of how to manage change and complexity in the new era of HPC. Listen now




A conversation with Silicon Mechanics
In this podcast, Jack Hanna, Director of Alliances at Bright Computing, meets Andrew O'Neil, Solutions Architect at Silicon Mechanics. With a partnership that spans almost a decade, Jack and Andrew discuss how Bright and Silicon Mechanics are addressing market demand, and share their views of the future direction of the HPC industry. Listen now


Press releases 

koi-25th-anniversary-logoHPC Servers, Clusters Integrated with Bright Cluster Manager Developed by Koi Computers

Koi Computers, recently awarded Bright Computing's Advanced partner status, is integrating HPC servers and clusters with Bright Cluster Manager. Read more


HPElogoNew Supercomputer Installed at Stony Brook

The Institute for Advanced Computational Science (IACS) at Stony Brook University has installed a computer system employing the same processor technology as the fastest and most power efficient supercomputer in the world, the Fugaku system at the RIKEN Center for Computational Science, in Japan. The new system uses Bright Cluster Manager. Read more


Dell_Logo.svgDell EMC Ready Solutions for HPC Accelerate Customers' Time to Deliver New Products and Services 

Here at Bright, we are honored to have such great partnership with companies like Dell Technologies. So, we were delighted to see their announcement regarding two new Ready Solutions for HPC Genomics and Digital Manufacturing. Read more




Building a Cluster for a First-Time Sys Admin

We are pleased to share a guest blog post from Bright Partner, Silicon Mechanics, and a link to our latest podcast interview with them. Read more


AMAX and Bright - Spanning Geographies, Going from Strength to Strength
In collaboration with Bright Computing, AMAX has achieved two major customer wins recently that we wanted to share with you. Read more




dhi-group"DHI Group is involved in some really exciting projects such as supporting offshore wind exploration to lower costs and support the green transition. These globally important areas of research demand state of the art technology and that’s where the HPC solution from Dell and Bright Computing comes in."

"Bright Cluster Manager is simple to use but powerful. We are currently using it to manage our HPC environment, and we are excited to explore how Bright can support our deep learning and our edge environments in the future."

Ole Svenstrup Petersen, Marine and Maritime R&D Area Manager at DHI Group




"All it takes is to simply set the new compute servers to network (PXE) boot and point the network card (MAC) address to the appropriate image that we want installed. Bright does the rest - fully automating the installation. Bright Cluster Manager has also simplified the administration of Bucknell’s Slurm workload manager, helping to seamlessly manage partitions and configuration options, and ensuring that the configurations are consistent across the environment. And, when it comes time to upgrade our systems, we simply update the server image once and Bright pushes the changes out to every server in the cluster".  

Jeremy Dreese, Systems Integrator, Bucknell University 




"When we first started out, the Flatiron Institute had very little staff. As we began to transition into a larger organization, we had to figure out how to manage a growing set of resources — but still with that limited staff. Bright Cluster Manager offered us a fully supported cluster management solution that allowed our team to manage our compute resources more efficiently with very little overhead. We first deployed Bright at the Flatiron Institute when we grew from a 16-node cluster to 120 nodes, and Bright has been managing the system ever since."

Ian Fisk, Ph.D., Scientific Computing Core Co-Director, Flatiron


The Louisiana Optical Network Infrastructure

LONI-Logo"LONI had previously used a homegrown cluster management system that presented a myriad of challenges including lack of a graphical user interface (GUI), daunting complexity for new employees, and proneness to out-of-sync changes and configurations. Likewise, the do-it-yourself infrastructure we had placed constraints on end-users due to a lack of knowledge continuity concerning cluster health, performance, and capability. By leveraging a commercial solution such as Bright Cluster Manager, we now have an enterprise-grade cluster management solution that embodies the required skills and expertise needed to effectively manage our HPC environment."

Lonnie Leger, Executive Director, LONI


San Diego Supercomputer Center 

sdsc"With Expanse, SDSC has made a strategic decision to partner with Bright Computing to leverage their deep bench of expertise and technical support. As the number and complexity of HPC systems we operate has grown, we need systems management tools that keep up with the technological rate of change. With Bright Cluster Manager, we’re able to spend less time on systems administration and more time helping users be productive. An hour saved in a systems administration task is an hour we can spend on user-facing activities like I/O optimization or implementing a complex job workflow."

Shawn Strande, Deputy Director, SDSC



Simula-white"The eX3 infrastructure allows Norwegian HPC researchers and their international collaborators to explore bleeding-edge hardware and software that will be instrumental to the coming generation of supercomputers. In particular, this ambition calls for a unique system offering extreme heterogeneity at all technology levels. The eX³ infrastructure is funded for five years through the RCN program for national research infrastructures. In addition to the host institution Simula, the project consortium also includes the national HPC management body Sigma2, HPC research groups from the University of Tromsø, NTNU, and the University of Bergen, as well as the HPC technology providers Graphcore, Dolphin Interconnect Solutions, and Numascale."

— Professor Are Magnus Bruaset, Research Director for Software Engineering and HPC, Simula



Simula-white"The two main reasons that we chose Bright Cluster Manager were for its heterogeneity and the speed which it can deploy and manage software. Bright will allow me to nimbly reconfigure and provision new topologies on the fly, supporting the dynamic nature of our high-performance research projects."

— Tore Heide Larsen, Senior Research Engineer, Simula 


University of Siegen

Logo_uni_siegen_rgb"We have had nothing but positive experiences with Bright Cluster Manager and the Bright support team. I would highly recommend the technology. Bright increases the performance of my team by automating many everyday tasks, freeing my team to concentrate on delivering exceptional service to our university departments."

Daniel Harlacher, HPC Team Leader at University of Siegen


University of North Dakota

und-logo"Bright gives UND the tools we need to effectively manage our supercomputing environment, and I feel confident that we can meet any new requirements that arise in the coming years.” He added; “Bright software makes it easy for us train new staff to deploy, provision, and manage our clustered infrastructure for HPC, Data Science, and Cloud; all integrated, and all from a single point of control. We can deploy Ceph nodes, install standard HPC products, roll out cloud features, introduce data science packages, all from a single interface with robust enterprise-grade support. Moreover, if we ever exceed resources, Bright allows us to burst our workload to commercial cloud services."

— Aaron Bergstrom, Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Manager, UND


Fayetteville State University

fayetteville"Bright Cluster Manager is the obvious choice for our clustered infrastructure needs. So, upgrading to the latest version made perfect sense. We are delighted with the close relationship we have built with Data In Science in order to carry out the upgrade quickly, and cause minimal impact to daily business."

Dr. Sambit Bhattacharya, Associate Professor of Computer Science, Fayetteville State University



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At SC20: Bright Computing Launches HPC Cluster Manager 9.1
Bright Computing, a specialist in Linux cluster automation and management software for HPC and machine learning, announced the latest version of Bright Cluster Manager (BCM) software.  
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Bright Computing releases version 9.1 of Bright Cluster Manager delivering more cluster management capabilities from edge to core to Cloud
Bright Computing, a global expert in Linux cluster automation and management software for HPC and machine learning, has announced the latest version of their Bright Cluster Manager (BCM) software. Read more >


New Supercomputer Installed At Stony Brook
Bright Cluster Manager software reduces the burden of building and managing high-performance Linux clusters, eliminating complexity, and enabling flexibility. As a longtime user of Bright Cluster Manager, Stony Brook has been able to leverage the skills they have already invested in to efficiently deploy and commission this new HPE platform. Read more > 


Stony Brook Installs ‘Ookami,’ HPE Apollo 80 with Fujitsu A64FX Arm CPUs
The Institute for Advanced Computational Science (IACS) at Stony Brook University has installed a computer system employing the same processor technology as the fastest and most power efficient supercomputer in the world, the Fugaku system at the RIKEN Center for Computational Science, in Japan. 
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Dell Launches Ready Solutions and HPC Cloud Collaborations for AI, Life Sciences, Manufacturing
Dell EMC Ready Solutions with Bright Cluster Manager help automate the process of building and managing modern high-performance clusters.  
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You Want HPC and You Want Virtualization? Let's Talk 
The Next Platform looks at the subject of HPC and Virtualization, in preparation for a webinar that takes place on Monday November 16, with Timothy Prickett Morgan and a panel of industry experts.
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