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The Bright SpotlightON: Podcast Series features Bright executives and partners showcasing today’s latest trends in HPC.

The podcasts will focus on a combination of Bright Partner initiatives, offerings, and technologies that are enabling the deployment of full-scale HPC, AI, Cloud, and Data Analytics solutions across industries.

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Available Podcasts:

A conversation with Silicon Mechanics

In this podcast, Jack Hanna, Director of Alliances at Bright Computing, meets Andrew O'Neill, Solutions Architect at Silicon Mechanics. With a partnership that spans almost a decade, Jack and Andrew discuss how Bright and Silicon Mechanics are addressing market demand, and share their views of the future direction of the HPC industry.


Managing change and complexity in the new era of HPC

In this episode of the podcast, we welcome Bill Wagner, CEO at Bright Computing and Trish Damkroger, Vice President and General Manager, High Performance Computing Group at Intel. Together they will discuss the theme of how to manage change and complexity in the new era of HPC. 


Bright and WWT: Discussing the HPC and AI Market

In this podcast, Lee Carter, VP Alliances at Bright Computing is joined by Earl J Dodd,  Global HPC & Supercomputing Technical Solutions Architect at WWT. Join them for an interesting insight into how WWT sees the HPC and AI market, and how, together, Bright and WWT helps our mutual customers tackle the challenges presented by these new workloads.


Bright and AMD: A Brief Insight into a Dynamic Partnership

In this podcast, Terry Rush, Sales Director at Bright Computing, is joined by Matthew Foley, AMD’s Field Application Engineering Director in EMEA. Join Terry and Matthew to hear why AMD chose Bright Cluster Manager to support is lab environment, and how AMD is leveraging Bright's technology.


Addressing Flexibility in HPC

The following recording is an episode of "This Week in HPC", shared with permission by Intersect360 Research who provides accurate market intelligence for High-Performance Computing. For more information and for regular episodes of "This Week in HPC", please visit

In this episode, Addison Snell, CEO of Intersect360, is joined by Bill Wagner, CEO of Bright Computing, for a discussion of scalability, flexibility, and changes to the HPC industry in 2020.


Intel and Bright: Discussing Intel Select Solutions, the future of HPC and AI, and much more!

In this podcast, Lee Carter, VP Alliances at Bright Computing is joined by Brock Taylor, Director of HPC Solutions at Intel, to take a look at our partnership that spans the last 11 years. 

This is a lively and engaging discussion that explores the role that Bright plays in Intel's Select Solutions, and both companies' plans for the future. 

Lee also shares details of an Intel/Bright webinar that will take place on June 10th, 2020. Listeners can register for the webinar, here.


A Look at Jupyter Lab and Jupyter Enterprise Gateway

In this podcast, Bright's Director of Product Management, Robert Stober is once again joined by Adnan Khaleel, the Global Sales Strategist for HPC, AI and Deep Learning at Dell EMC.

Together they discuss the Bright Jupyter integration, which is a combination of JupyterHub, JupyterLab, and Jupyter Enterprise Gateway. They look at how the Bright Jupyter integration makes it easy for customers to use Bright for Data Science through JupyterLab notebooks, and allows users to run their notebooks through a supported HPC scheduler, Kubernetes, or on the server running JupyterHub. 


Welcoming Atipa to our Partner Program

In this podcast, Bright's Director of Alliances, Jack Hanna, is joined by Bart Willems, Technology Director of HPC at Atipa. In March 2020, Bright announced that Atipa became an Advanced Partner in the Bright Reseller Program. In this episode, Bright and Bart discuss the partnership and Atipa's go-to-market offering in the HPC space.


Bright Auto Scaler - Why it's the world's best hybrid cloud solution

In this podcast, Robert Stober, Director of Product Management at Bright Computing, and Adnan Khaleel, Global Sales Strategist for HPC, AI and Deep Learning at Dell EMC, come together once again to talk about Bright Auto Scaler. This is a hybrid cloud solution that can automatically extend a local or cloud-based HPC cluster to the AWS or Azure public cloud, or to Bright OpenStack, based on workload demand.


An interview with Bright customer, Simula

In this episode, Terry Rush, Director of Sales at Bright Computing spends time with Simula’s Research Director for Software Engineering and HPC, Professor Are Magnus Bruaset, and Senior Research Engineer at Simula, Tore Heide Larsen. Together they discuss the reasons that Simula chose to deploy Bright technology and the role that it plays in the Simula HPC architecture.


Taking a Look at HPCaaS

In this episode, Robert Stober, Director of Product Management at Bright Computing is joined by Adnan Khaleel, Global Sales Strategist for HPC, AI and Deep Learning at Dell EMC. Together, they will discuss the subject of HPC as a service: What it means, how it is different from traditional HPC, and what the benefits are.


An introduction to Bright partner, X-ISS

In this episode, Jack Hanna, Director Alliances at Bright Computing, interviews Jim Decker, Senior Account Manager at X-ISS. X-ISS is a Bright Services Partner and Reseller, that works with customers to integrate, manage, and maintain HPC cluster systems, as well as monitor, report, and deliver analytics that are important to HPC users. 


An introduction to Bright services partner, Redline Performance Solutions

In this podcast, Bright’s Director Alliances, Jack Hanna, talks to Don Avart, Co-Founder and CTO of Redline and Senior HPC Engineer, Keith Ball. The three discuss the North American HPC market and the combination of products and services that Bright and Redline combine to deliver.


Get 8 Nodes for Free with Easy8

Join Bright CEO, Bill Wagner, and Bright Head of Operations, Bill Harries, as they discuss Bright's latest announcement to offer full-featured Bright Cluster Manager for clusters of up to 8 nodes - free of charge.


An Interview with Bright Customer, University of North Dakota

In this episode, Jack Hanna, Director Alliances at Bright Computing enjoys a discussion with Aaron Bergstrom, UND's High Performance Computing specialist. They discuss UND's clustered infrastructure, and how the University has harnessed the power of Bright's management solutions to combine HPC, big data, deep learning, and private cloud environments within a highly dynamic, flexible IT infrastructure.


SC19 - Hear from the Bright Computing Marketing Team

In this podcast, the Bright marketing team share their plans for SC19, the most influential supercomputing show of the year, taking place in Denver Colorado. Join the team to learn about all activity taking place at the Bright booth, during the week of November 18th.


How Does Bright See the Market for Clustered Computing Evolve in 2020?

With 2020 just around the corner and with so many changes taking place in the HPC, machine learning, and edge computing markets, how do organizations plan for the year ahead? How should an organization take advantage of the latest technology trends, while mitigating against any uncertainty in the market? In this podcast, Bright Computing takes a look at 2020 from a technology perspective, to answer these challenging questions.

Speakers: Bill Wagner, CEO and Bill Harries, Head of Operations, Bright Computing


Accelerating Application Runtime of Your Cluster with Bright and BeeGFS 

BeeGFS is a highly respected and popular parallel file system, used by many Bright customers. Bright seamlessly integrates with BeeGFS and reports on the performance and health of BeeGFS in BrightView, our central management console. Download this 15-minute fireside chat, Bright and BeeGFS will explain how our two companies offer a compelling solution for our customers around the world.

Speakers: John Corne, Senior Pre-Sales Engineer at Bright Computing, and Marco Merkel, VP WW Sales and Consulting at ThinkParQ


Building your AI Data Center with DGX Reference Architectures

NVIDIA DGX servers managed by Bright Cluster Manager deliver the perfect balance of increased concurrency for handling data science workloads, the massive compute requirements associated with those workloads, and the seamless management of all resources across the HPC cluster. Download this 15-minute fireside chat to learn more about the power behind this partnership.

Speakers: Lee Carter, VP Worldwide Alliances at Bright Computing, and Carlo Ruiz, Head of EMEA AI Data Center Solutions, at NVIDIA


What are the Advantages of Running Machine Learning / Deep Learning Frameworks on Bare Metal Versus in Containers?

All of the ML/DL framework providers offer their tools in containers. Only Bright for Data Science provides them on bare metal. In this 15-minute fireside chat, Bright and Dell will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches.

Speakers: Robert Stober, Director Product Management at Bright Computing, and  Adnan Khaleel, Global Sales Strategist – HPC, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning at Dell EMC


Intel Select Solutions with Bright Cluster Manager

Intel Select Solutions are designed for productivity, compatibility, and workload-optimized performance across a broad range of traditional HPC applications. Using Bright Cluster Manager, customers and partners are able to leverage the productivity and flexibility of Bright’s powerful cluster management technology to quickly configure and deploy Intel Select Solutions, and as a result, enjoy the compatibility and performance of Intel while simultaneously gaining the ease of use of Bright. Download this 15-minute fireside chat to find out more about the Bright Intel partnership.

Speakers: Lee Carter, VP Worldwide Alliances at Bright Computing, and Werner Krotz-Vogel, Technical Consulting Engineer at Intel


Change the Way You Use Containers with Sylabs and Bright

Sylabs provides high-performance container technology that enhances enterprise performance computing by building containers that support HPC, analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. Couple this with the power of Bright cluster and cloud infrastructure automation software and you have a winning formula for organizations who wish to get the most from their HPC environment.

Speakers: John Corne, Senior Pre-Sales Engineer at Bright Computing, and Eduardo Arango, Software Engineer at Sylabs