arch-diagram-2016-10.pngThe same powerful cluster provisioning, monitoring, scheduling and management capabilities that Bright Cluster Manager provides to onsite clusters also extends into the cloud, ensuring effective and efficient use of the virtual cloud resources.

Using Bright Cluster Manager, you can extend into a public cloud — such as Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure — with only a few mouse clicks, and without the need for expert knowledge of Linux or cloud computing.

Every cluster that runs Bright Cluster Manager is automatically cloud-enabled.


Bright Cluster Manager cloudbursting offers the following benefits:

  • Ease of Use: Intuitive GUI virtually eliminates your learning curve; no need to understand Linux, EC2, or Azure to manage systems. Alternatively, cluster management shell provides powerful scripting capabilities to automate tasks.
  • Complete management solution: Installation/initialization, provisioning, monitoring, scheduling and management in one integrated environment.
  • Integrated workload managers: Wide selection of workload managers included and automatically configured with local, cloud and mixed queues.
  • Single pane of glass; complete visibility and control: Cloud compute nodes managed as elements of the onsite cluster; visible from a single console with drill-downs and historic data.
  • Efficient data management via data-aware scheduling: Automatically ensures data is in position at start of computation; delivers results back when complete.
  • Secure, automatic gateway: Mirrored LDAP and DNS services inside Amazon VPC, connecting local and cloud-based nodes for secure communication over VPN.
  • Cost savings: More efficient use of cloud resources; support for spot instances, minimal user intervention.

Want to see more?

This video explains cloud bursting using our cluster-on-demand, and cluster-extension capabilities.