Organizations that want the ability to spin-up high-performance clusters on-demand from servers located in their own data center face the daunting task of creating the necessary infrastructure to accomplish this. What this effectively requires is building a clustered infrastructure that offers the ability for many users to request individual “clusters-on-demand” that can be quickly and easily provisioned and then terminated when no longer needed.  Building and managing the infrastructure to provide this is very complex, requiring skills and expertise that span compute, networking and storage to get it right and keep it operational. Bright software automates the process of building and managing high-performance infrastructure that delivers Clusters-as-a-Service for machine learning, data analytics, HPC and more.


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spotlighton_homepageTaking a Look at HPCaaS

In this episode, Robert Stober, Director of Product Management at Bright Computing is joined by Adnan Khaleel, Global Sales Strategist for HPC, AI and Deep Learning at Dell EMC. Together, they will discuss the subject of HPC as a service: What it means, how it is different from traditional HPC, and what the benefits are.

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