Here is some of the feedback our customers have sent us after interacting with our world-class support team. 

"Your team are champions - always the best and the brightest!"

"Excellent, detailed, effective solution was provided rapidly and completely. A very satisfactory support experience."

"Sean Eubanks did an awesome job sleuthing out a lack of entropy during provision that hung the node boot process."

"Very fast support. The solution was quick and easy and described how to fix my issue perfectly."

"Very responsive to requests outside the scope of ordinary support. Extremely happy with it."

"Andrew and team helped out immensely during our upgrade process from Bright 8.1 to 8.2 for Ubuntu. We found a few more items than anticipated during the upgrade however the team was always up to the challenges and came up with a solution."

"Support was very professional, quick and knowledgeable. Issues were resolved much more quickly than I was expecting."

"Thank you so much for the help. Extremely helpful! You saved me multiple long painful headaches."

"Bright support is always top notch - we appreciate you guys!"

"Tech support replies from Bright are easily the most useful and knowledgeable of any tech support organization I deal with."

"Very helpful support and extremely clear on how to proceed and to solve the issue even for a neophyte"

"Excellent support. Straight to the problem with a useful answer! Thanks"

"Technical support is always excellent."

"As always, top notch help from the support team!"

"Can I just say.. you guys are awesome! I have dealt with numerous support organizations, from Dell, to Cisco, to IBM, and Microsoft. You guys are by far the fastest and easiest to deal with ever. Keep up the good work!"

"Sean, you're awesome! Thanks for all the help today. Put us back on schedule!"

"Delivered great service and knowledge throughout the process."

"A friendly and responsive support. Helped me deal with the issue rather quickly. Much appreciated."

"As always, Bright support was quick and efficient. This was a configuration error due to documentation not be entirely clear. Colby got me the correct information to resolve the issue."

"We have been facing various issues in which Bright Support has been fully diligent and prompt to each and every inquiry."

"You guys are great. Thanks for lending a hand on this." 

"Colby did a great job of helping get our SLURM config how we wanted it. I greatly appreciate his knowledge and help."

"Technicians with an excellent level of knowledge."

"Best support from any company I've ever had to deal with."

"The support engineer was prompt and professional. He quickly helped me with a plan and tweaks to help us get our workload issue sorted. Thanks!"

"Outstanding response and expertise, we are stunned."

"Technician was very patient and professional while dealing with my issues. I am much more comfortable with understanding how our cluster works now!"

"Excellent. Easy to understand answers to complicated questions."

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