Support & Deployment Engineer - US

By Gritha van der Linde | Mar 8, 2019 4:39:41 AM

Job Description

We have a position available for a support & deployment engineer. In this role, you will provide support to our customers for our Linux-based cluster management software product. You will be responsible for ensuring that customers get the help that they require in managing their clusters. A significant part of your job will be to work with the development team to get the right information and to escalate support tickets to subject-matter experts. You may also need to travel to customer sites (mostly North America, but also some travel to Asia Pacific region may be required) to conduct deployments of our software and integrate a cluster in the local infrastructure. You will also be responsible for providing training to customers and local partners. In addition, there is also plenty of opportunity to work on research & development tasks for customers or for internal use by development.

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