Global Partners

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Advanced Partners


2CRSI Corporation offers storage systems, high-performance computing (HPC), and customized IT appliances. Its servers are designed and manufactured in France and assembled in both France and the US. 2CRSI's mission is to help its customers and users to be most efficient, effective, and successful with their IT. Customers include OVH, Free, Dassault Group, CGG Veritas, and many independent software vendors, data centers, distributors, and other businesses with a need for high-quality, efficient, reliable storage and computing. 


BitNet provides the highest level of management at every stage of system applications, solutions and services as a system integrator. BitNet offers a range of services and solutions that meets the needs of customers in Education, Telecommunications, Technology, Finance, and Manufacturing, with experience in different hardware and software platforms as well as sectoral knowledge in different areas including defense and the public sector.



Brightskies Technologies

Brightskies Technologies provides high quality services in the fields of High Performance Computing and Code Optimization as well as the Embedded Software Development space. Brightskies covers many geographies, spanning the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, capitalizing on the US-based experience of the founders along with a talented engineering workforce, to provide customers with cutting edge technology and the highest quality service.




Eduline acknowledges that by enabling parallel processing, High Performance Computing (HPC) systems provide a substantial computing capacity to researchers at the universities. Working with the top universities in Turkey for almost 10 years, Eduline has gained vast experience in HPC systems. Efficient HPC systems require high-bandwidth, low-latency connections between thousands of multi-processor nodes, as well as high-speed storage systems. By truly knowing and understanding customer needs, Eduline provides a unique project for his each HPC customer.


With the use of new methods, Mevasis designs technical solutions for academic, commercial, industrial and government customers in high performance computing via a dynamic, innovative and young team. Mevasis develops customized solutions to integrate each layer (Operating Systems, Parallel File Systems, High Performance Network Systems, Cluster Managers, Supply Systems, and Configuration Managers) by examining the customer's technical high performance computing needs with the best hardware and software product range.  Mevasis supports its customers with fully tested and documented turn-key or special solutions in HPC. 


Member Partners

Beta IT  

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Beta IT provides multi-technology solutions for enterprise customers who seek successful integration of complex systems. Beta IT offers services that satisfy customers’ business demands, leveraging their accumulated technical knowledge, unique quality assurance program, and continuous development of staff. 



BON FZC is a division of Harrington HPC Microsystems, based in the United Arab Emirates. BON FZC works with specific product vendors in order to specialize and provide the best solutions and services available. BON FZC prides itself with strong business relationships with the technology leaders who are known the world over for their market leading technology. 

Harrington HPC Microsystems


In today’s world, Customer Centric Solutions are of paramount importance.  We at Harrington HPC Microsystems work towards offering the latest technology-based solutions to increase return on investment. We have a clear focus and deal only in certain, specific products.  This  enables us to specialize and provide the best solutions and services. We have extremely strong business relationships with the technology leaders who are known the world over for their specific product range.

This exotic blend of capabilities will require a sophisticated and easy to use management platform, in order to simplify, centralise and automate the administration of the many moving parts. I am delighted to have chosen Bright Computing's Bright Cluster Manager to fulfill this role.

Dr. Happy Sithole
Director of the CHPC

Bright is instrumental to our research at MARIN – it empowers our IT team to make optimal use of the software, while focusing on the research. It is the best tool for the job.

Dr. Henk Prins
Manager Research & Development at MARIN