Wizard-Assisted Network Setup

Configuring the network for an OpenStack cloud can be a challenge. Bright OpenStack makes it much easier.  The setup wizard will help you configure the internal network, the external network, openstack-network-layer2-agent.pngand help you setup VLANs or VXLANs for isolated user networks.

OpenStack clouds typically utilize one of two networking “mechanism drivers,” either Linux Bridge or Open vSwitch.  A proprietary SDN solution might also be utilized.  Each of these options requires slightly different configuration of the physical network interfaces, on the physical network nodes, in order to function correctly within the OpenStack environment.  

Bright OpenStack supports Linux Bridge and OpenvSwitch out of the box, and can also be configured to handle proprietary SDN. Bright configures the networking layer in the operating system, for all physical nodes participating in the deployment, to work properly with Linux Bridge or Open vSwitch, depending on your preference.

Bright also supports different ways of isolating tenant networks, including VLAN-based and VXLAN-based tenant networking. Likewise, you can configure easily out of the box.   

To set up the networking components of OpenStack, Bright users simply need to designate their tenant networking preference and their preferred mechanism driver.   Once these are selected, Bright evaluates the selections, compares them against the current, actual networking layout in the cluster, and ensures a workable networking configuration.