Bright Computing Announces Provisioning and Management of Compute for the Intelligent Edge in Bright Cluster Manager 8.2


Bright 8.2 automates the process of imaging and managing servers that extend compute to the Edge

By Bright Staff | Nov 12, 2018 6:24:21 AM | edge computing



Today, Bright Computing announced Bright Cluster Manager 8.2 which highlights the new Bright Edge feature. Bright Edge automates the process of imaging and managing servers that provide compute in remote locations where data is increasingly being generated through IoT, and called upon for immediate analysis and action.

The internet of things (IoT) is increasingly generating large volumes of data at the edge that businesses need to apply deep learning inferencing to.  Network bandwidth and latency limitations can make processing this data in the cloud or in a central datacenter inadequate, necessitating that compute be moved closer to the data at the edge of the network. However, deploying compute resources at the edge presents challenges in terms of having skilled staff in remote locations that are capable of imaging and managing the servers - or clusters of servers – at these remote locations.  With Bright Cluster Manager 8.2, businesses can easily provision and manage remote edge servers to provide dynamic, scalable, and secure compute for any workload at the edge, and manage all of the servers as a cluster, remotely from a single interface.

Bright Edge Capability Highlights

Some of the ways Bright Cluster Manager 8.2 provides capabilities that help manage edge compute:

  • Automates the provisioning and management of servers at the edge, in the cloud, and on-premise
  • Provides a single view and management of all distributed edge servers
  • Dynamically reimages edge servers  on the fly to host any workload
  • Deploys and manages machine learning and deep learning frameworks on edge servers for inferencing in IoT applications
  • Deploys and manages Kubernetes at the Edge
  • Enables the scaling of compute at the edge by easily adding additional servers when more capacity is needed

“Extending Bright’s expertise in automating the deployment and management of compute to edge servers is an important step in a broader picture we’re making possible,” said Bill Wagner, CEO at Bright Computing. “With the edge capabilities we’re delivering in Bright 8.2, organizations can now easily deploy and manage compute across their on-prem data centers, the public cloud and the edge as a single shared infrastructure through a single interface.”

Bright will be discussing the advantages and capabilities of Bright Edge at the Supercomputing conference in Dallas, TX, November 12-15 (booth #3025).

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