Bright Computing Announces Support for Ubuntu


By Bright Staff | Sep 19, 2017 3:15:20 AM | HPC, deep learning, Ubuntu, Canonical



Integration is Set to Offer Great Value to Deep Learning Customers

Tuesday September 19, 2017 - San Jose, CA – Bright Computing, a global leader in cluster and cloud infrastructure automation software, today announced the general availability of Bright Cluster Manager 8.0 with Ubuntu.

With this integration, organizations can run Bright Cluster Manager Version 8.0 on top of Ubuntu, to easily build, provision, monitor and manage Ubuntu high performance clusters from a single point of control, in both on-premises and cloud-based environments.

Ubuntu is an open-source platform for client, server and cloud computing and has become a natural choice for users of all kinds, from Fortune 500 companies to hardware makers, content providers, software developers and individual technologists.  Canonical is the commercial sponsor of the Ubuntu project and the leading provider of support services for Ubuntu deployments in the enterprise.

Bright Computing is well known for its powerful infrastructure management technology. The company is also developing a reputation in the deep learning space, as Bright Cluster Manager makes it faster and easier for organizations to stand up deep learning platforms to gain actionable insights from the rich, complex data associated with machine learning and artificial intelligence. As a result, a growing number of Bright customers are extending their use of Bright to manage not just their clustered infrastructure, but their deep learning environment as well. All of Bright’s deep learning packages are now available for Ubuntu, one of the world’s most popular deep learning Linux platforms. The integration between Bright and Ubuntu therefore offers great benefit to organizations with a deep learning requirement.

Martijn de Vries, CTO at Bright Computing, commented; “Many of our customers use Ubuntu and have been eager for Bright to integrate Bright Cluster Manager and Ubuntu. We are pleased that we can now satisfy this requirement with an enterprise-grade solution.”

Udi Nachmany, VP of Cloud Alliances at Canonical, said: “Ubuntu runs most public cloud and OpenStack workloads, and is rapidly gaining ground in on-prem, bare metal environments. This is because our licensing model supports scale-out, while our distribution remains truly enterprise-grade. With this integration, Bright Computing users will now have access to a reliable, production-ready Ubuntu straight from the source, and with access to enterprise support with all of the security, uptime and tooling that entails.”   


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