Bright Computing Extends Powerful Cluster Management Capabilities into the Cloud, Providing Seamless Integration with Amazon EC2


By Bright Staff | Nov 7, 2011 3:00:00 PM |



San Jose, CA — Bright Computing, a leading provider of cluster management software for high-performance computing (HPC), today announced that Bright Cluster Manager 6.0 will include comprehensive support for cloud bursting. For organizations not currently using HPC, Bright Computing’s approach makes HPC more accessible by lowering the barrier to entry. For those already using clusters, Bright makes it fast and easy to extend and manage these systems in the cloud, enabling customers to dynamically add capacity or GPU capabilities as needed.

As part of this announcement, Bright Computing is now an Amazon Web Services™ Solution Provider. Bright Cluster Manager is integrated with the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud™ (EC2), providing a seamless path into this market-leading public cloud solution. Both companies will be demonstrating this capability at the forthcoming Supercomputing conference in Seattle.

Bright Cluster Manager supports two scenarios for cloud bursting. With a few mouse clicks, customers can either create new clusters in the cloud, or add cloud-based nodes to existing clusters. In the latter scenario, Bright manages these resources as if they were part of the local cluster, providing full provisioning, monitoring, scheduling, and management functions. With Bright Cluster Manager 6.0, onsite clusters are automatically cloud-ready, at no extra cost.

"Bright opened my eyes to a different approach to cloud bursting," said Addison Snell, CEO of Intersect360 Research. "Bright has found a way to implement cloud as an extension of the local cluster, with a single, consistent interface."

The cloud provides a new model for utilization of traditional and non-traditional HPC resources, as high performance computing is being explored for a broader scope of business uses. Organizations can quickly gain access to more compute power without significant infrastructure investments. Whether an organization wants to expand its existing capacity or to test the possibilities, Bright Cluster Manager offers a fast and intuitive way to access and manage the total system.

“We are a longtime user of Bright Cluster Manager, and have benefited from its totally integrated approach and intuitive interface,” said Asya Shklyar at Roche. "We are excited about the possibility of using Bright to burst into the cloud and instantly increase compute power as and when required.”

Bright Computing chose to first roll out its cloud bursting capabilities with Amazon EC2, and phase in support for other public cloud providers, as well as private cloud solutions over time.

“The Bright-Amazon cloud solution works well because of three key factors,” said Martijn de Vries, CTO of Bright Computing. “First, Amazon EC2 is an excellent cloud environment, with well-designed interfaces and distributed resources ready to be tapped. Second, the integrated approach that is unique to Bright, eliminates multiple failure points typical of cluster management built with toolkits. Third, Bright’s deep integration with Amazon makes the total solution appear to the admin as a single cluster. Compute jobs can be designated as local-only, such as data-intensive simulations; cloud-only; or flagged as “either,” enabling the integrated workload manager to assign the job based on pre-defined rules and node availability. Bright optimizes the use of resources with minimal human interaction.”

Bright Computing’s cloud bursting capability will be available to early adopters on December 1st, with general availability scheduled for January 2012.

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Bright Computing is transforming the way clusters are managed in the modern data center. Founded in 2009, Bright’s award winning cluster management software lets users monitor and build clusters of any size that are easy to provision, operate, monitor, manage, and scale. Bright partners include Amazon, Cisco, Cray and Dell. Customers include Boeing, NASA, Roche, Stanford University and the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Bright’s technology is running in over 500 data centers all over the globe. Bright has been recognized as a Red Herring Top 100 company and a Deloitte Rising Star winner, and was named Bio-IT World’s “Best of Show.”

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