Bright Computing Software Chosen to Manage Powerful Cluster at Technical University Ilmenau in Germany


By Bright Staff | Jan 11, 2012 3:00:00 PM |



San Jose, California — Bright Computing today announced that Bright Cluster Manager® has been selected to manage a powerful new HPC cluster at the Technical University of Ilmenau in Germany. This new cluster, built by Bright partner ClusterVision, provides seven times faster processing power than the system it replaces, while reducing energy consumption by 20%.

ClusterVision delivered the system comprising 49 Dell PowerEdge R815 servers with AMD Opteron™ 6134 and 6136 Octa Core processors, running a Fraunhofer File System. One PowerEdge R715 server with AMD Opteron 6128 processors operates as the storage head node, and four further PowerEdge R510 servers with Intel® Xeon® 5506 processors deliver the cluster’s SAS storage. The University has a single Dell PowerEdge R510 server as the metadata storage, and a Dell PowerVault™ MD1200 modular disk storage array for 196 terabytes of gross storage capacity and 150 terabytes net capacity. An InfiniBand network delivers high bandwidth and low latency for fast server-to-server interconnects. The system is managed with Bright Cluster Manager.

“We’re committed to academic leadership, and strive to offer researchers and students the best possible environment and support,” says Hennig Schwanbeck, IT Manager of Datacenter Administration, at the Technical University of Ilmenau.

Bright Cluster Manager was an important aspect of the system build-out and testing.

”We were extremely satisfied with the speed and ease of installation, which took place in around four weeks and caused minimum disruption to researchers and students. ClusterVision delivered the complete solution and installed it without problems, and within a short timeframe,” added Schwanbeck.

“Realization of the TU Ilmenau cluster required the harmonious combination of a number of complex hardware, software and service components,” said Jan Heichler of ClusterVision. We are pleased that our team was able to provide TU Ilmenau with a high-quality, right-first-time installation, allowing the University’s user community to focus on their applications, with minimum levels of disturbance.”

About TU Ilmenau
The Technical

University of Ilmenau (TU Ilmenau) is situated in Thüringen, Germany. With 6,500 students and more than 1,200 staff in 100 departments and groups, TU Ilmenau specializes in scientific teaching and ground-breaking research in fields such as nano-engineering, precision technology, assistance systems, system technology, media technology and mobile communications. The University also works closely with the automotive industry in the development of new materials for vehicle construction. Whether it’s nano-engineering or building biosensors, students and staff need access to reliable, high performance computing (HPC) infrastructure for their studies and research.

About ClusterVision

ClusterVision specializes in the design, deployment and operation of High Performance Compute (HPC) clusters. ClusterVision helps its customers create top-quality, efficient and reliable HPC solutions. ClusterVision's solutions typically include a range of HPC software components, such as easy to use cluster provisioning, management and monitoring. ClusterVision offers a full portfolio of professional services, covering the total cluster lifecycle - from system design, assembly and certification, to operational management, support, and training. With a background in applied scientific research, and practical experience in a wide range of HPC technologies, the ClusterVision team has designed and built some of the largest and most complex computational, storage and database clusters in Europe.

About Bright Computing

Bright Computing is transforming the way clusters are managed in the modern data center. Founded in 2009, Bright’s award winning cluster management software lets users monitor and build clusters of any size that are easy to provision, operate, monitor, manage, and scale. Bright partners include Amazon, Cisco, Cray and Dell. Customers include Boeing, NASA, Roche, Stanford University and the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Bright’s technology is running in over 500 data centers all over the globe. Bright has been recognized as a Red Herring Top 100 company and a Deloitte Rising Star winner, and was named Bio-IT World’s “Best of Show.”

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