G.T.Enterprises Joins Bright Computing Partner Network to Offer IT Infrastructure Management Solutions to Indian Market


By Bright Staff | May 6, 2015 3:00:00 PM |



Amsterdam, the Netherlands — Bright Computing, the leader in high performance infrastructure management solutions for cloud, big data and HPC, today announced a partnership with G.T.Enterprises, a pioneer in introducing new and innovative technologies to the Indian market.

G.T.Enterprises (GTE) was founded in the early 1990s, to offer open source software to the Indian market, later expanding into technology services to broaden its vertical reach. Today, GTE is a multi-million dollar company, offering software solutions, services and training, and is instrumental in introducing open source and virtualization solutions to customers across India. A core group of highly talented and committed professionals form the backbone of GTE, with a mission to initiate innovative technologies by providing customers with cutting-edge solutions.

GTE has partnered with Bright Computing to address their customers’ requirement for better cluster provisioning, workload management, and monitoring tools. With a passion to introduce ground breaking technologies into the high performance computing (HPC) space, GTE envisages that the Bright technology will empower its customers to increase throughput, minimise manual administration, and lower costs.

GTE customers span a broad range of industry verticals, including multinationals, outsourcers, Government departments, research and scientific institutes, oil and gas, aerospace, healthcare, consumer electronics, automobile and many more. By partnering with Bright, GTE is presented with an exciting opportunity to add Bright Cluster Manager® to its product portfolio, to bring additional value to its customer base.


Mr. Taranath, CEO at G.T.Enterprises commented; “The Bright technology is exactly the sort of technology solution that will suit our dynamic customers. It offers real value out of the box, facilitating our customers to improve their IT administration processes, and save costs and time. We are looking forward to demonstrating the power of Bright to our customers in the coming months.”

Lee Carter, VP EMEA at Bright Computing added; ““I am delighted to welcome G.T.Enterprises to our partner community and look forward to working with them to accelerate our business in this important region for Bright Computing. Companies in India are really pushing the boundaries of technology, striving to build robust IT infrastructures to fuel their aggressive growth strategy. GTE is at the centre of this innovation and we are genuinely excited about the value that Bright can bring to this forward-thinking nation.”

About G.T.Enterprises (GTE)

GTE is a multi-million dollar company offering open source and virtualization software solutions, services and training, to broad customer base across India. GTE has developed a network of partners and associates to serve its customers, and also re-exports products and services to Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa. GTE is headquartered in Bengaluru, with two state-of-the-art virtualization training facilities in USA & Bengaluru.

About Bright Computing

Bright Computing is transforming the way clusters are managed in the modern data center. Founded in 2009, Bright’s award winning cluster management software lets users monitor and build clusters of any size that are easy to provision, operate, monitor, manage, and scale. Bright partners include Amazon, Cisco, Cray and Dell. Customers include Boeing, NASA, Roche, Stanford University and the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Bright’s technology is running in over 500 data centers all over the globe. Bright has been recognized as a Red Herring Top 100 company and a Deloitte Rising Star winner, and was named Bio-IT World’s “Best of Show.”

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