India-Based Micropoint Joins Bright Partner Programme to Play a Key Role in the Indian Government’s “National Supercomputing Mission”


By Bright Staff | Dec 9, 2015 7:00:00 AM |



Amsterdam, the Netherlands — Bright Computing, the leading provider of hardware-agnostic cluster and cloud management software, today announced that India-based Micropoint has signed up to its partner programme.

With regional offices across India, Micropoint helps organisations implement infrastructure solutions, comprising HPC clusters (both CPU only and hybrid), cloud based solutions, networking products, high speed interconnects for HPC clusters, training services, and more. Micropoint customers include government and defence organisations, academic institutes and research labs, engineering and manufacturing companies, and financial services institutions. 

As a leading systems integrator and solutions provider in India, Micropoint forges alliances with global technology leaders to offer its customers best-in-class solutions. Micropoint considers Bright a world leader in infrastructure management software, and, because Bright technology is hardware agnostic, it runs on all leading hardware server platforms.

The partnership between Micropoint and Bright is off to a flying start. This is because the HPC division of Hinditron, previously a Bright partner, merged with Micropoint in December 2014. Hinditron had already established an impressive install base for Bright Cluster Manager that includes educational institutes, government labs and engineering companies.

Venkat Ramana, Director-High Performance Computing at Micropoint, commented; “Micropoint is a well-established company with over 150 HPC installations and Bright is a global technology leader. Our association with Bright will enable Micropoint to offer end-to-end solutions required by customers. Increasingly, customers in India are looking for a one-stop solution provider who is willing to take responsibility for the delivery, installation and maintenance of the entire spectrum of IT products. Bright supports Micropoint in our mission to fulfil that role.” 

Clemens Engler, Director, Business Development, EMEA at Bright Computing, added; “I’m pleased we are formalising our partnership with Micropoint for two reasons. Firstly, it allows us to maintain our relationship with Hinditron and continue to support its valued network of Bright customers. Secondly, Micropoint has a large install base of HPC customers that presents an exciting opportunity for both our companies.”

Micropoint aims to continue to grow its presence across India and penetrate new HPC and enterprise opportunities. The government of India has undertaken an initiative known as National Supercomputing Mission, which funds leading academic institutes to enhance their computing infrastructure in a major way. A few selected institutes will be funded for Petaflops class systems, and a lot of other institutes will be funded for 100 TF and above class systems. Micropoint will be bidding for all such opportunities and Bright infrastructure management technology will form part of the Micropoint proposal. 

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