Mark Corcoran Joins Bright Computing as Director of Sales


By Bright Staff | Mar 28, 2010 3:00:00 PM |



San Jose, California — Bright Computing, specialist in cluster management software and services for high-performance computing (HPC), is pleased to announce that Mark Corcoran has joined its USA team as Director of Sales. Mark will be driving sales in North America and Canada, leveraging his extensive network of contacts in the HPC market.

Prior to joining Bright Computing, Mark has accumulated over 28 years of experience in sales and marketing in the HPC industry, covering a wide range of hardware and software technologies, including vector, MPP and cluster computing. Mark has previously worked for companies such as SiCortex, NEC, Cray and Amdahl.

Mark Corcoran comments: "I am very excited to be associated with Bright Computing as I consider them to be the leader in fully integrated cluster management software for both HPC clusters and mainstream IT computer systems. Their Bright Cluster Manager product offers a truly innovative approach to cluster management."

Mark continues: "It is remarkable that IDC's market survey's continue to find year after year that people consider HPC clusters hard to manage. That says a lot about the cluster management products currently popular in the market. I am convinced that Bright Cluster Manager will make a major contribution to this market as it makes clusters so much easier to install, manage and use, while it does not compromise on features and flexibility for complex clusters."

Bright Cluster Manager is a Linux-based cluster management software solution specifically designed to make HPC clusters of any size easy to install, use and manage. Its intuitive graphical user interface offers consistent access to all management and monitoring functionality for the cluster administrators. Its HPC user environment provides a comprehensive range of HPC software development tools for the cluster users.

About Bright Computing

Bright Computing is a specialist in cluster management software and services for high-performance computing (HPC). Its flag-ship product — Bright Cluster Manager — makes clusters of any size easy to install, use and manage, and is the cluster management solution of choice for many universities, research institutes and companies across the world. Bright Computing has its head office in San Jose, California.

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