One Stop Systems Introduces the GPUltima with Bright Computing's HPC Cluster Manager


By Bright Staff | Jun 7, 2016 3:30:00 AM |



One Stop Systems, Inc. (OSS), a leading provider of next-generation GPU-based clusters for high performance computing applications announces the GPUltima product line to employ Bright Computing's HPC Cluster Manager software. Bright Computing is a provider of comprehensive software solutions for provisioning and managing HPC clusters.

OSS’ GPUltima is a scalable cluster that can scale to a petaflop of compute performance in a single rack. The GPUltima is comprised of 'compute nodes'. Each compute node contains sixteen GPU cards and one or two dual socket servers, each with dual 'Haswell' processors. All GPU cards can communicate with each other through an Infiniband switch. The servers communicate to the internet through an Ethernet switch. Additional nodes can be added as needed.

Bright Computing’s cluster management software allows complete manageability of the nodes as well as the individual GPU cards. The GPU monitoring and management software provides a 'single-pane-of-glass' management of the hardware, the operating system, HPC software, and users. With Bright Cluster Manager™, system administrators can quickly get clusters up and running and keep them running reliably throughout their lifecycle — all with the ease and elegance of a full-featured, enterprise-grade cluster manager.

“Where conventional computer cluster systems use CPUs as the primary data processor, the GPUltima employs numbers of GPU cards, providing 10 times the performance by adding thousands more cores,” said Steve Cooper, CEO of One Stop Systems. “The GPUltima is completely 'application-ready', configured and tested to the customer’s specifications, so that the customer can begin processing immediately. The unique cluster management and monitoring software and the service and support packages that accompany the GPUltima make this a user-friendly system that allows the customer to begin his work without having to configure the cluster.”

“We are delighted to be adding OSS to our partnership network and looking forward to engaging with them to develop and deliver solutions that help our clients get the most from their cluster hardware and software investment,” said Bright CEO Bill Wagner. “Our partnership enables OSS to introduce an out of the box infrastructure management solution that will automate and improve processes, save time, and reduce administration costs.”

The GPUltima with Bright Computing’s Bright Cluster Manager for HPC software is available immediately.  Pricing is determined by the number of nodes and the software the customer prefers. A single node with NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPU cards and Bright Computing’s 1-Year Commercial Support, without application software begins at $125,000. OSS sales engineers are available to assist you in designing the right system for your requirements.

About One Stop Systems

One Stop Systems designs and manufacturers supercomputers for high performance computing (HPC) applications such as deep learning, oil and gas exploration, financial trading, defense and any other applications that require the fastest and most efficient data processing. By utilizing the power of the latest GPU cards and flash storage cards, our systems stay on the cutting edge of the latest technologies. Our equipment also costs less than other solutions and we occupy much less rack space in the data center. We have a reputation as innovators using the very latest technology and design equipment to operate with the highest efficiency.

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