Bright Computing and SICORP Sign Reseller Agreement for Bright Cluster Manager®


SICORP to offer Bright Cluster Manager software and services to HPC and data center customers

By Bright Staff | Feb 21, 2010 3:00:00 PM |



San Jose, California — Bright Computing, specialists in cluster management software and services for high-performance computing (HPC), and New Mexico based SICORP, specialists in custom HPC solutions for scientific research and data centers, have signed a reseller agreement which allows SICORP to sell Bright Cluster Manager throughout North America. SICORP will offer Bright Cluster Manager on new and existing clusters, together with its installation, support and management services.

"Bright Cluster Manager is a product that takes the focus off building and managing clusters and can get our clients' systems into productivity much faster. Bright Cluster Manager is complete and extremely scalable," said Joseph Bridges, President of SICORP. "Bright Cluster Manager allows us to provision hundreds to thousands of nodes within hours and rapidly deploy systems, saving considerable time and reducing both deployment and ongoing management expenses."

SICORP, Inc. is an HPC systems integrator and services company with over 12 years of experience in the design, build and operation of some of the world's fastest computers for government scientific research and business applications. SICORP has been involved in many of the record-breaking TOP500 systems, including Los Alamos Laboratories' Roadrunner Supercomputer, the #1 computer in the TOP500 of June 2009.

Bright Cluster Manager is a Linux-based cluster management software solution specifically designed to make HPC clusters of any size easy to install, use and manage. Its intuitive graphical user interface offers consistent access to all management and monitoring functionality for the cluster administrators. Its HPC user environment provides a comprehensive range of HPC software development tools for the cluster users.

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Bright Computing is a specialist in cluster management software and services for high-performance computing (HPC). Its flag-ship product — Bright Cluster Manager — makes clusters of any size easy to install, use and manage, and is the cluster management solution of choice for many universities, research institutes and companies across the world. Bright Computing has its head office in San Jose, California.

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