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Premier Partners


Go Virtual

Go Virtual provides solutions for High Performance Computing, Remote Visualization, and software and services for Computational Fluid Dynamics. The company’s mission is to help our customers to adopt and accelerate virtual product development. Go Virtual has offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Stuttgart and Düsseldorf and works with customers in the Nordics, UK, BeNeLux, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Member Partners


Basefarm is a European managed services provider for mission critical IT, managing and running IT solutions on cloud platforms. With 17 years’ experience in managing on-line solutions, Basefarm helps its customers achieve their digital ambitions. In June 2017, Basefarm acquired The unbelievable machine company, the leading service provider for Big Data, cloud and managed cloud services in Germany and Austria. With the acquisition, Basefarm adds Big Data analytics and operations services, supporting customers on the strategic and analytical level linking to their business processes. 

This exotic blend of capabilities will require a sophisticated and easy to use management platform, in order to simplify, centralise and automate the administration of the many moving parts. I am delighted to have chosen Bright Computing's Bright Cluster Manager to fulfill this role.

Dr. Happy Sithole
Director of the CHPC

Bright is instrumental to our research at MARIN – it empowers our IT team to make optimal use of the software, while focusing on the research. It is the best tool for the job.

Dr. Henk Prins
Manager Research & Development at MARIN