Bright OpenStack is ideal for users seeking a fast and easy path to OpenStack.  Bright deploys and provisions not only the OpenStack instance, but also all of the underlying software ecosystem on which OpenStack relies.  This includes associated databases, message queueing services (AMQP), load balancers (HAProxy), various clustered Linux servers, and the Linux operating system itself.  With Bright OpenStack, full installation and provisioning of these components -- from bare metal to the OpenStack instance -- can be completed in under an hour.

Bright OpenStack’s unmatched ease of deployment stems from its intuitive interfaces, starting with the installation wizard and continuing to the management console.  

Bright’s installation wizard enables users to choose between an “express” and a “standard” deployment.  In express mode, users will be prompted to answer only a few questions during the install process, with the possibility to alter the values automatically determined for them by the wizard.  In standard mode, which allows for more customization (i.e. in terms of the storage and networking back end),  the install process is still very streamlined, due to Bright’s ability to choose the best defaults and to detect pre-existing installations.