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Reading product descriptions and looking at screenshots can help you get familiar with a product, but sometimes that’s not enough. Sometimes you need to get hands-on to really understand how something works. This demo simulates the experience of managing a cluster using Bright View without having to rack and stack servers first.

Take it for a spin to see how you like it, and let us know what you think.

bright view demo-2

Recorded Demos

The following recorded demos will show you how Bright Cluster Manager helps you manage all the complexities of deploying and managing large scale clusters.

Bright Cluster Manager 9.1

Ansible Module

CaaS for VMware

Jupyter Integration

Bright View UI Redesign

Bright Auto Scaler

Offloadable Monitoring


Bright Cluster Manager: Bright View & CMSH

User Interface Overview

Health Checks and Autonomous Healing

Docker and Kubernetes Installation Wizard

Docker Registry

Deploying SPARK in Kubernetes

CMSH Tips and Techniques

Bright View Dashboards

Workload Accounting and Reporting