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WEBINAR: OpenStack with Bright Computing (in German)

The webinar includes an introduction to OpenStack, OpenStack IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and how to design a private cloud solution, as well as providing you with essential insight into Bright OpenStack and the possibilities it offers your business.

OpenStack has become an indispensable option in the setup, configuration and management of data centers.

For technical engineers working with OpenStack every day or system administrators thinking of setting up an OpenStack infrastructure we invite you to watch a webinar we recently hosted.

During the webinar you will receive a technical overview of OpenStack and an introduction to Bright OpenStack, including cluster and server farms, a look at Bright OpenStack architecture, and the differences between Bright OpenStack and other industry solutions.

In addition to the "pure" theory, you will receive a demo of Bright OpenStack, including CEPH Setup Wizard, Bright OpenStack Setup Wizard, and how to add a node to an OpenStack environment.

The webinar is hosted by Karlheinz Pischke, Systems Architect at Bright Computing, and Sven Grützmacher, HPC Solution Engineer at transtec AG.

The language of the webinar is German.

The webinar is supported by transtec AG specialising in High Performance Computing and Datacenter, Infrastructure, Cloud and Industry 4.0 Solutions for companies within the IT industry, research and development.

If you want to watch future webinars on HPC, Big Data, OpenStack, or anything else, please leave your request in the form.

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