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Academic and research institutions around the world have long been at the forefront of defining and embracing advanced computing methodologies such as high performance computing, big data analytics, and cloud.  Often collaborating with government entities, industry consortiums, or both, these institutions are leveraging highly sophisticated, clustered IT infrastructures -- including many of the world’s largest supercomputing facilities -- to address a wide range of important research inquiries.  

Vienna Scientific Cluster powers 85th largest supercomputer worldwide, meeting energy efficiency goals >  

Montana State University conducts government-funded research on dynamic cluster- and cloud-based infrastructure >

The challenge:  Meeting advanced IT needs with lean resources

Deploying and managing high performance IT infrastructure poses special challenges in the academic and research communities.  Budget and staffing tend to be lean and highly fluid, while demand for compute time and resources grows insatiably.  In many organizations, the same individuals or teams who are conducting advanced computational research or data analysis are also responsible for deploying and managing the underlying clustered or cloud-based infrastructure.  Even if centralized IT resources are available to support research teams, these also are typically stretched in terms of budget, staff, and skills.  Straddling so many requirements on such lean budgets can tax even the most brilliant research teams.  

University of Maryland, Baltimore County manages 240-node hybrid cluster environment >

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology alleviates compute time and resource constraints >

"We wanted to be sure we had time to work with researchers on their projects on the cluster, and not just spend all of our time performing baseline maintenance."

- Damian Doyle, Director of Enterprise Infrastructure and Support, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Focus on the research, not the underlying IT

For these reasons, academic and research teams worldwide have long turned to Bright Computing as their trusted vendor for high performance IT infrastructure management. Bright’s affordability, ease of use, and exceptional technical support are cited by academic and research users as key differentiators. Whether spinning up a high performance computing cluster to perform rigorous computations, implementing Apache Hadoop or Spark to analyze large data sets, or adopting private or public cloud to utilize resources more effectively, these users rely on Bright to deploy and manage the underlying infrastructure.

With Bright, academics and researchers can focus on critical research initiatives, confident that the underlying IT infrastructure will perform reliably.

Florida Atlantic University deploys HPC and Hadoop with lean staffing model >

University of Colorado at Boulder eliminates cluster management headaches >

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