Cluster on Demand

Demand for data-intensive applications is putting pressure on IT groups to deliver more computing capacity faster at a lower price. 

The challenge: Building an enterprise-grade infrastructure that provides clustered resources whenever they are needed 

Whether for testing or agile development, engineers often need access to a cluster to get their work done. Setting up a physical cluster involves connecting multiple servers together on a network and imaging them with the right operating system and application software. Doing this can take considerable time and effort. 

Whether the purpose is to test a new software build, or replicate an error in a particular environment, building a cluster from scratch often seems like overkill. The cost, time, and effort required may be too much of a burden. A better solution would be the ability to create a cluster quickly from existing resources, configure it as needed, use it for a finite period of time, and release the resources back to the pool once the job is done.

This is exactly what the Bright Cluster on Demand solution was designed to accomplish. 



The Bright Solution for Cluster on Demand 

Bright Cluster on Demand lets end users provision entire clustered environments in a Bright OpenStack cloud. Any kind of cluster can be implemented, including HPC, Hadoop, Spark, or even another Bright OpenStack cloud. Here are some of the use cases for Cluster on Demand:


Developers writing clustered applications can use the capability to create a test environment for their code whenever they need it. It's no longer necessary to dedicate a cluster to a dev team indefinitely, since they can spin a test cluster up whenever the need to.

Support and Quality Assurance

Organizations that provide applications that run in clustered environments can take advantage of cluster on demand to re-create their customer's environment locally in order to recreate and diagnose problems. Quality assurance departments can create clusters on demand to carry out testing on a wide variety of cluster configurations in far less time than is possible using conventional solutions.

Training and Demos

Organizations can use Bright's cluster on demand solution to create training environments for their customers, and to provide an environment to demonstrate their clustered application to potential customers, whenever they need to.

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