Faced with insatiable energy demand, scientists are employing advanced computing and analytical techniques to identify traditional and renewable energy sources and to accelerate their delivery.  In oil and gas companies especially, identifying and extracting resources cost-effectively depends on the ability to perform highly sophisticated calculations on geological and seismic data.  Across the energy sector, companies rely on Bright Computing to deploy and manage the high performance computing and big data IT infrastructures that underpin energy delivery.

The challenge:  Deploying cutting edge technology in a reliable way

Energy providers often find themselves on the cutting edge of technology adoption. In the quest for both traditional and renewable energy sources, extremely high performance IT resources must be deployed, both to perform complex calculations and to store and analyze vast quantities of data.  This, in turn, puts tremendous pressure on the IT organizations who must ensure that information can be reliably gathered in the field, analyzed in the datacenter, and modeled or simulated in realtime.  With high performance computing clusters and big data analytics clusters becoming increasingly prevalent across the energy sector, IT organizations must retool to deploy and manage these environments effectively.

"With Bright Cluster Manager, EMD International will be able to grow their computational capacity locally, or into the cloud using Bright’s built in cloudbursting capabilities."

-EMD International, Energy Consultants

The Bright approach to managing high performance IT in the energy sector

Across the energy sector, countless IT organizations have standardized on Bright Computing to deploy and manage the clustered systems that underpin high performance computing and big data workloads. Bright’s intuitive platform assists IT organizations in delivering expert computing resources and support to the engineers, scientists, and researchers who are squarely focused on identifying and accessing energy sources. Whether standing up a high performance computing cluster, managing a Hadoop-based big data environment, or deploying OpenStack to manage these and other workloads more effectively, IT organizations in the energy sector are leveraging Bright as the unified management console.

Sandia National Laboratories conducts energy and environmental technology R&D, leveraging Bright >

U.S. Department of Energy lab Pacific Northwest National Laboratories (PNNL) manages HPC with Bright >

Sinopec Geophysical Research Institute (SGRI) saves money and gains insight with Bright for HPC >

"Bright enables us to change the operating system in our development cluster within seven minutes, to meet specific application testing requirements.  We've experienced substantial savings in terms of hardware, maintenance and a reduction in staff hours.  An added benefit of moving to Bright Cluster Manager is the intuitive GUI.  The GUI makes it very easy to manage our cluster, and the extensive features of Bright save us a lot of effort."

-Duan Wenchao, Senior Engineer, Sinopec Geophysical Research Institute

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