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Around the world, government and defense agencies — as well as their suppliers — are pushing the boundaries of next-gen IT, investing heavily in supercomputing, high performance computing, big data, and cloud-based initiatives to support a wide range of civilian and military imperatives.  

At the agency level, deploying these advanced IT infrastructures effectively is seen as critical to achieving mission. At the national and regional level, augmenting traditional IT with more advanced computing capabilities is increasingly embraced as a matter of strategic competitiveness. This is exemplified by sweeping initiatives such as the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Framework, the European Technology Platform for High Performance Computing (HPC4ETC), and the July 2015 U.S. Executive Order establishing a National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI).

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Government challenges in adopting advanced IT infrastructures

Facing these broad mandates, IT departments in government agencies are under pressure to retool skills, staffing, and infrastructure. Chafing against these mandates, however, are a broad set of inhibitors that range from budget, personnel, and skill limitations to security and privacy concerns. According to a 2015 U.S. Congressional Research Service report, “Some agency chief information officers (CIOs) have stated that in spite of the stated security advantages of cloud computing, they are, in fact, concerned about moving their data from their data centers, which they manage and control, to outsourced cloud services.”  

Meanwhile, implementing and managing the clustered systems that underpin high performance computing and big data workloads introduces new hardware, software, and skill requirements into budget-strapped agency data centers.

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"Even with an open source installation, I would have had to procure umpteen different software packages. That would have skyrocketed the cost. From a hit-the-ground-running point of view, Bright just had everything we needed."

-Wendy Murray, IT Director, National Institute of Aerospace

Bright Computing:  Empowering governments to transform IT

Bright’s industry-leading management platform addresses and reconciles the various pressures that government and defense agencies face when adopting high performance IT infrastructure. Reliable and secure, yet flexible and scalable, Bright makes it both less risky and more cost-effective to deploy the clustered and cloud-based environments required to run advanced computing and data workloads.  

Whether these workloads are deployed on premise, in the cloud, or both, Bright enables IT organizations to install, provision, monitor, and scale the underlying, clustered IT infrastructure with confidence and ease.

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