Life Sciences and Pharma

Today more than ever, advances in health, life sciences, and pharmaceuticals depend on the ability to run massive computations and interpret rich data sets across powerful, clustered IT infrastructure.  Whether pursuing basic research or targeted treatments, today’s scientific and research teams must be equally adept in computer science and biological science.  Bringing these disciplines together is enabling health and life sciences organizations to achieve unprecedented breakthroughs in genomics, epigenetics, bioinformatics, cell biology, immunology, neuroscience, nanomaterials, and many other health-related fields.

BioMed X leverages high performance computing to support interdisciplinary research innovation >

Center for Biological Sequence Analysis (CBS) manages powerful supercomputer to conduct bioinformatics research >  

The challenge:  Building advanced IT that supports medical breakthroughs

This relentless quest for medical advancement puts enormous pressure, however, on IT infrastructure and the people who support it.  Scientists and researchers need to know that IT will support their important work by delivering advanced, highly scalable computing platforms that perform reliably.  This isn’t always easy.  Budget pressures, skill deficits, and competition for scarce computing resources are just some of the challenges facing IT today in health and life sciences.  Private and public cloud are seen as promising avenues to more efficient IT delivery, but these each present their own unique challenges in terms of resources and skills.

Van Andel Institute deploys high performance computing workloads in a private cloud >

Large pharmaceutical company bursts high performance computing workloads to the public cloud > 

"We are a longtime user of Bright Cluster Manager, and have benefited from its totally integrated approach and intuitive interface.  We are excited about the possibility of using Bright to burst into the cloud and instantly increase compute power as and when required."

-Asya Shklyar, Roche

Bright Computing powers IT for life science and pharmaceutical research

To address these challenges, many IT organizations have turned to Bright Computing. Bright’s intuitive management platform makes it easy to deploy, manage, monitor and scale the high performance computing and big data clusters on which scientists and researchers depend. Whether IT chooses to deploy these clustered resources on premise, in the cloud, or both, Bright provides step-by-step guidance and single pane of glass visibility across all resources needed to run them.

With Bright Computing, health-related organizations around the world are managing their advanced computing infrastructure effectively and getting on with the important business of improving human health and welfare.

Austrian Research Center for Molecular Medicine (CeMM) saves an estimated $500,000 in IT budget > 

Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) supports biomedical research with lean IT staffing model > 

Virginia Bioinformatics Institute team of two deploys and tests powerful hybrid compute cluster in only five days >

"Bright Computing allows us to concentrate on our research projects, instead of spending too much time on IT administrative tasks."

-Dr. Simone Fulle, Group Leader, BioMed X Innovation Center

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