Across the manufacturing sector, companies are applying more and more sophisticated computational and analytical approaches to the production process. Computer aided engineering (CAE), an umbrella term for the simulation and modeling techniques applied to product and process development in manufacturing, is powered by high performance computing clusters.  Meanwhile, the large data sets generated by product performance analysis are driving broad adoption of enabling technologies such as Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark.  

National Institute of Aerospace boosts its computational and analytical capacity with shared HPC cluster >

Maritime Research Institute Netherlands underpins computer-aided innovation in the nautical industry >

The challenge: Innovating under tight budget and timeline constraints

Even while embracing these advanced computing techniques, manufacturers also continue to face longstanding regulatory and cost pressures.  IT infrastructure must support compliance with a multitude of regulatory requirements issued by federal, state, and local governments.  At the same time, IT organizations must continually find ways to squeeze time and cost out of the production process.  Advanced computing infrastructure can support regulatory and cost objectives, but may also impose new requirements in terms of IT equipment, labor, and skills.

Global manufacturer implements HPC mega datacenters to boost utilization, reduce cost and risk >

"[Bright] supports one of Boeing’s IT priorities to realize productivity gains by streamlining processes and tools to eliminate waste."

- Luis Gutierrez, IT Global Data Center and Server Infrastructure Director, Boeing

Bright manages the advanced IT required to bring today’s products to market

Manufacturers around the world are turning to Bright Computing as the management platform that accelerates deployment of advanced computing infrastructure for manufacturing, while keeping cost and overhead to a minimum.  Bright makes it easy for manufacturers to implement and blend high performance computing, big data analytics, and traditional IT applications.  For manufacturers looking to private or public cloud computing as additional ways to reduce cost or accelerate time to market, Bright seamlessly enables the deployment of advanced computing workloads into the private or public cloud.  

With Bright, manufacturers can deploy reliable, cost-effective IT infrastructure for advanced computing, accelerating time to market while keeping cost and risk to a minimum.

Institute of Aircraft Design eliminates HPC management headaches, accelerates upgrade process >

"Originally I was happy with [an open source] system, but I couldn’t get it to work with the new hardware and operating system that we were installing.  So I decided to look at commercial cluster management software to see if it could solve my problem."

-Alexander Schön, Institute of Aircraft Design

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